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  • Katha Upanishad Comparison

    For centuries, the holy bible has been compared to several other sacred texts. The bible itself has an origin of being inspired by ancient texts before its existence. In this paper, a comparison of the biblical story of Abraham and Katha Upanishad is addressed. Beginning with the biblical story of Abraham in chapter twelve of Genesis shows that he was previously known as Abram. He started his journey when God ordered him to go to a far country away from his father's house and his own family. The second section provides the text on the background of Katha Upanishad and its significance when compared to the bible. These two stories were written in different time period, context, and meanings. However, both stories deal with sacrifice and the importance of it. In the story of Abraham, God promised to show Abraham the land where he would make him a great nation. Abraham was promised blessings from God and even making his name great. To those who blessed Abraham, God promised a blessing them and a curse to him that would…

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  • Natchiketa Upanishad Analysis

    When reading and studying the Upanishads I recognized the shifting influence that the principles of the text has had upon me through my experience of time. Specifically in the Katha Upanishad, Natchiketa’s interactions gave me insight into my own with Yama, Lord of death. I can recall standing at my Cha Cha Nancy’s home where my great-grandmother rested quietly. Her paper thin skin was withered like the sides of a wind shaped mountain and she lay with her eyes closed, arms crossed, on a…

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  • Upanishad Vs Gita

    There is the Self. Both text in the Upanishad and The Gita alike did an excellent job in painting what the Self is and why the Self. The self is the conscious mind, where one is taken of the ordinary world to become one with nature a. In this state of conscious state one observe an experience which can be both felt inside and outside. Both the Upanishad and the The Gita, presents a Self that is sacred one found, that is unique and that is divine. The as it is picture is the ultimate gain, as a…

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  • Smurfette Principle Analysis

    Since 1991 when The Smurfette Principle was written a lot of things have changed; mostly for the better. Movies, shows, politics, and the workforce have become a lot more female centered. However, there is always room for improvement in any area; I feel we are leaps and bounds ahead of how things used to be. Today I will thoroughly explain how things have changed for the better, for the female sex since Katha Pollitt’s essay was written over twenty years ago. As a mother of a preschool-aged…

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  • Media Effects On Adults Analysis

    Media's Effects: Child to Adult In today's culture young girls all across the world are growing up in very different situations; yet, one thing is always a constant, men being the superior. Katha Pollitt, an award- winning writer for magazines such as The Nation and New York Times, discusses how this divide between men and women shown by the media is critical in the upbringing of today’s youth. From princesses always needing saved to the cute little bunny with pink bows in the background these…

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  • Deanna Allred: Rhetorical Analysis

    When we were assigned to write a rhetorical analysis, the purpose was to analyze without our emotions. Being the over-achiever I am, I chose the article that I would find the most difficulty remaining objective over – “What’s the Matter with Creationism?” by Katha Pollitt. I did not agree with her stance and the way she explained her argument made me angry. I knew that I could let my emotions override my logic while analyzing her essay, but I did not let that happen. I chose that article because…

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  • The Chit's Involution Summary

    The reason is the effect of the continuous involution of the OM in the continuous births that reduced the potencies below thirty- six. In this as Praśana Upanishad has said the line of progeny is well maintained. Katha Upanishad Chapter -1, Canto-3, Verse -5 “the discriminating man will merge the organs of speech in to the mind ( One who does involution of OM in his mind) ; he will merge the mind in to the intelligent self; he will merge the intelligent self to the Great Soul; he will…

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  • Upanishads Vs Persian Wars Analysis

    Discover Your Atman or Strive For True Happiness? Evidence Based Argument: Katha Upanishads vs The Persian Wars When analyzing different works of literature it can be approached from many different viewpoints. Looking at what the author is saying is one way to analyze the text, but also not just what they are saying but, how they are saying it. To determine how they are portraying their message means to identify and examine literary devices are utilized. The structure in which the author…

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  • Orall Burrakatha Essay

    oral. In India, several performing arts were used as an important resource to educate the masses from Vedic period to medieval period. In India, oral tradition was as sacrosanct as the transmission of texts and writings in the West. The teaching associated with Vedas and Upanishad was…

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  • Importance Of Charity In Islam

    its tongue from thirst. The man said: This dog has become exhausted from thirst in the same way as I was. He lowered himself into the well and filled his shoe with water. Then he took the dog by the mouth and gave him water to drink. He thanked Allah and his sins were forgiven.” The companions of the prophet asked: “O! Messenger of Allah! Is there an alleviating the hardship of the needy and reward for us in our animals?” He said: “There is a reward in every living thing”. Allah says that,…

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