Heroes In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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Mothers as Heroes in The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Mahabharata
Mothers of heroes act as counselors to their sons within The Mahabharata and The Epic of Gilgamesh. Ninsun and Kunti, have sacrificed and helped their children in various ways. Considering how integral they are to their sons victories we see that the mothers are in fact the true heroes of these stories. These mothers use strategic thinking and utilize qualities of a hero to push their children in the direction of triumph.
Kunti within The Mahabharata is powerful and well renowned as she aids her sons into victory. Kunti is often referred to as illustrious and her backstory is important to understand why she is a hero. Kunti was rewarded by Durvasa the ability to cast a spell where she can create progeny from celestials (1241). Her husband Pandu was unable to have sex due to a curse that decreed if he became
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As seen in her talk with Enkidu, another move made to ensure Gilgamesh’s safety, Ninsun summons Enkidu into her temple and says “Mighty Enkidu…I herewith take Enkidu as my adopted son, may Gilgamesh treat him well” (114). Ninsun is using flattery, her motherhood and knowledge of Enkidu’s loneliness and absence of parents to solidify his loyalty to her and Gilgamesh. Her intents are met again; Enkidu remained loyal to Gilgamesh and showed his bravery and walked in front of Gilgamesh during battle.
In conclusion both mothers play vital roles in their children’s everyday lives and victory. Strategically using their qualities in the right situations. Ninsun always being there for Gilgamesh’s counsel and making sure he was always protected. Kunti doing what she could even if she didn’t like it to protect her children. If these women did not utilize their qualities, gifts or skills to help their children I don’t believe they would’ve turn out as victorious as they

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