The Mythology Of Vyasa's Mahabharata

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Chapter 1
Mahabharata, a resplendent mythology, partially historical, has reigned in our hearts and minds with ages running down .Vyasa; the original writer of this epic has portrayed the controversial conjugal relations of the Pandavas and The Kauravas. Vedvyasa had written the Upanishads and Puranas which were not comprehended easily by the general mass. Hence, to make them more comprehensive he wrote Mahabharata, which provided a guiding light to connect to god and attain ultimate salvation. It also gives a glimpse on the ways of life led by the people in those times. Mahabharata has autobiographical elements to a Vedvyasa
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From the deeply insightful Palace of Illusions we get a glimpse of Draupadi’s feminine thoughts overshadowing the haughty and disdainful façade which she was forced to wear in the actual Mahabharata.
Draupadi yearned for her father’s love while somewhere deep in her heart reigned a hope that perhaps someday he would .Drupad,gave all worldly possessions as any father would give to his daughter but he failed to offer her the irreplaceable place of a daughter. He considered Draupadi a mere liability who he was dubious whether would serve any purpose in his mission of marring Drona’s honour. Draupadi was very fond of her brother Dhrishtdyumna but and liked spending as much time as she could with her brother. However, Drupad by all his strategies kept Dhrishtdyumna busy in war training thus separating the two. Besides them Draupadi shared a very close bond with Krishna. Krishna was her only friend she could cry her heart out to serving to be her only confidante. Through the story we find Krishna supporting Draupadi at all times of odd from helping her take a decision to rescue her

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