What Is A Creative Adaption About The Birth Of Karna

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Creative Adaption: Birth of Karna

I have never considered what a child means to me before I received the mantra from Durvasa. Nor did I think about marriage. However, I am always curious. What do men and women do to have children? What will it feel like when mating with gods? What is it like to give birth to a child of god? Such thoughts are just bothering me all the time, whenever I am eating, bathing or dreaming. Sometimes I cannot help but to think such questions in my mind even when talking to other people.

Finally I tell myself that I cannot stand this any more. My brain would explode because of curiosity unless I try invoking a god and figure out what it would be to make love with god. In fact I do not have to be really pregnant. I
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“May you have my bless.” He kisses me on my worm and strokes it slowly. I feel something warm just flow through my worm. I start to tremble but soon get used to it.

“Now you have my son.”

Not until I hear Surya says so do I realize that everything is too late. I am pregnant. The intercourse with god is not like that between a man and a woman.

I try to explain my intention in a trembling voice and ask Surya to cancel his bless, but he shake his head in a seemingly disappointed face.

“Kunti, you should have known what you were doing. A child is a gift that can never be abandon. You should never take this as house playing just to satisfy your curiosity. You are not pretending you are a mother like you did in your childhood. You are a mother now. You have to take responsibility for this child. Look at him. This is your son.”

“My son…” I murmur. Now I realize what a irreparable mistake have I made. I look into that baby’s eye. It is so bright just like his father. Yet I can see myself through this little boy. I know that he is my son indeed the first sight I see
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In the Mahabharata Kunti’s story was told from third-person perspective. I chose to use first-person perspective and recreated the scene in a more detailed way, rather than the simple narration in the book. I added interaction between Surya and Kunti because I am also curious about Surya’s reaction after he know that Kunti invoked him out of curiosity. I right the story in present tense so that readers can gain a sense that the story is taking place in front of

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