College Admissions Essay: I Can Run Really Fast

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I woulds have to say my greatest talent would be that i can run really fast. On many occasions i have ran faster than even star athletes in track i may not be able to run for long at full speed but at the speed i go it's amazing i don't wobble and fall down. I really like running it makes me feel unstoppable. One time when i was in 8th grade we were doing relay races and my team always one not just because of me of course but i had a huge hand in our wins. I haven't raced anyone in quite some time maybe about a year but i know i still can run as i always have i can even go faster now my legs have gotten a lot stronger and my stamina has increased so i might be good enough to do track and field this year.
Now that I think about I'm also
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Earth and space is my favorite topic when it comes to science especially space. Unknown makes me very curious if i could get on a one way trip to colonise a planet outside our solar system billions of lightyears away. My curiosity may be my downfall in life but without curiosity then what kind of boring day by day life are you living i'd rather die young experiencing new things then die old and never have left my childhood town. Science is everything life,death,Earth and space.Knowing this it just makes you think of all the stuff science can't explain which makes it even more curious. Space and the ocean are the only things left for us to explore and one day we need to explore them to show us our lost civilizations and maybe even extraterrestrial life one day. These things will probably be at the end of my life time or even further away but one day we need to explore the unknown. I really want to one day explore the ocean in areas we have yet to submerge i'm not interested in finding treasure i'm more interested in discovering secrets the rest of the world doesn't

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