Personal Essay: My Interest In Track And Field

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I have never taken interest in track and field. Never in my mind have i thought that i would be joining track and field on my junior year. But when feeling the wind it’s like if you had wings. When running your surrounded by air the only things you hear are “WHOoooooo” of a melody.
Inside of my mind i thought that track and field will be an easy sport that does not require lots of physical fitness. WRONG! It does require physical fitness and endurance. The first day of practice was nerve wrecking my legs felt like jelly because I did not know what to do in practice. When walking outside the girl locker room from changing into my workout clothes. At the track field our three coach were there, Mr. Ambriz works with sprinter, Mr. Villa works
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Everyone was excited for the first meet although for me it was a sensation that is hard to describe. A sensation that is mixed of anxiety and happiness. Stepping of the bus at Cibola high school were all sensation finally hit, my body shake like rattle toy. Setting ourselves up by doing two laps around the track and warm ups, our team captain Mikey gave a speech to try our best, cheer for other team for giving their all, care for one or the other, and ignore the people who look down on us. Announcement were made for the long distance,hurdler, as for the 100 and 200 meter dash came for the last event. I saw my teammates in the race giving all efforted to win, while my teammates sitting on the benches scream with all their might “COME ON SAN LUIS YOU CAN DO IT” watching all of this made me scream with them letting my voice reach out to my fellow teammates. The times had come for my event that were 100 and 200 meter dash as the announcer spoke “100 and 200 meter dash, please report to the track course to get ready and stretch”. I came down from the bench to the track course, I remembered all the stretches for this event that my body could stop shaking. My name came up “Paula Gonzalez in lane 8” their i stood waiting first group to run. First group went thame came second which was the group i was in, my heart beated. THUMP. THUMP. THUMP. Starter said “are you ready, ok, ready, set”. BANG. My body reacted to the sound, heart was beating like if i had run the mile. Focusing to reach the finishing line from the distance I heard the cries of my teammates “come on paula you can do it, run!”.Forcing myself to reach the finish line only to get 4th, disappointed of myself for not getting 3, 2, or first place. Walking back to the benches my teammates said “good job Paula”, with high fives and hugs. This felt heart warm for knowing that no matter how hard you down, you could allow get to the

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