Extinction Of Homelessness

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The Extinction of Homelessness
As 2016 begin to come to an end. Most families in America are focusing on the presidential election, planning year end events or even establishing resolutions for the new year. While the invisible part of most cities population is faced with regular pivotal decision. How will I survive a brutal winter without proper housing? On the surface this may appear to be an uncomplicated matter, to the casual, but it is genuinely a painstakingly complicated matter. Communities worldwide are relentlessly attempting to deal with overwhelming amount of homeless citizen and trying to decipher the possible cause, so that an effective long term remedy can be achieved. Possibly it is the perfect moment to embrace a new-fangled
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In Manilla, Philippines alone there are 1,200,000 homeless youth. These number are over________________________________. In the United States, there are almost 634,000 to 1,00,00 without a proper domicile and 6.4% of these individuals suffer from Chronic homelessness. (Define Chronic Home) Astonishingly enough it was determined in 2014 that 48,208,387 families in this country are part of the population that is at risk of living on the streets. Most suffer from what is termed severe housing lost burden and 250,000 live here in Illinois. A survey performed in 2015 by the U. S Conference of Mayors determined that 14% of the homeless population is employed but they don’t have an adequate place to live. Even in Chicago there are 125,848 individuals who lack permeant shelter. (This includes individuals living with someone) and 76% of those Chicagoans are African American. Subsequently, in 2014-2015 Chicago public schools identified 18,831 students that are homeless or live in …show more content…
The epidemic does not show favoritism, anyone can by effected by this _______________. Even several celebrities including Steve Harvey and _________ are have suffer from this unfortunate situation. Major motion pictures like Pursuit Happinez and Soloist depict the pitfalls of the life and the streets with a heartwarming story that provides the viewer with a temporary emotional reaction. Survivors of these situation struggle daily to find some e hope. For example, Francine Triplett of Washington D.C., a panelist at the Hunger and Homeless Awareness week challenge the audience to guess how she ended up homeless. No one could figure out. “Therefore she revealed that she had been in an abusive relationship and decided enough was enough. She boarded the bus at DuPont Park where her life as as person without a home began. Triplett shared how she was immediately shown the ropes by other homeless people who were frequently used drugs and alcohol. To try and make life on the street more bearable. While moving from park to park, she was finally able to get a job at Burger King and earned enough to stay in a Virginia motel one night per week. One of the hardest things about the situation for Triplett was the amazing lack of regard or even acknowledgement that she received from passersby. She expresses how she would say good morning again and again and never receive a response. Francine suffers from

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