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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Can You Promises Me Something?

    “Can you promise me something?” Maybe it was the serious tone in his voice, or, just that particular arrangement of words, but Shawn’s question made Celia panic. “That depends…” she said with hesitance. “Promise me you’ll wipe the extra ice cream off my face before we leave.” Celia instantly relaxed and began laughing. “You know,” said Shawn, his tone heavy with sarcasm, “it’s rude to laugh at people. Especially those with disabilities.” Celia gasped dramatically. “How dare you accuse me of such a thing! I am appalled that you hold such an unfavorable opinion of me.” It was Shawn’s turn to laugh, “Nice vocabulary you got there.” “Thanks,” said Celia, still joking. “It’s new.” Shawn’s smile widened again. “I see. Not literally, of course,” Shawn laughed to himself. “Tell me what this new vocabulary can do.” “It can do anything,” said Celia, tauntingly. “You want to bet?” “I don’t gamble.” “I think you’re just being a chicken.” “Me? Chicken? Oh, no,” Celia leaned forward with her forearms on the table. “No, I just don’t want to prove you wrong again.” “Is that so?” Shawn playfully asked. “Yep.” “Alright,” said Shawn, “I propose a challenge. I’ve been told that it is impossible to describe colors. Now, I don’t know what color is but, if this vocabulary of yours can make me understand what it is and what it’s like, I will… I don’t know… do… something.” “Challenge accepted,” Celia proudly stated. As she began looking around the tiny ice cream parlor for inspiration, Celia…

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  • Self Reflection Essay On Depression

    Self-Reflection In the middle of 8th-grade year, my Uncle Michael had a seizure and was put on life support. Even though the whole family knew that he had Kidney Failure and Diabetes, we prayed for a miracle. The whole experience happened rather quickly. In my family, it is our belief that if it is God’s plan let it be, so if it was His plan for my uncle to still be here, he would be. All of this happened a week before Thanksgiving, the time of the year when I should be thankful for what I have,…

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  • A Comparison Of Those Winter Sundays And My Father's Song

    alliteration; the occurrence of the same letter or sound, and assonance; the occurrence of the same sound or vowel. In lines and three, we read the words “blueblack cold,” cracked,” and “ached.” In these two lines there are a lot of C sounds heard, which identifies the poems alliteration. Hayden uses alliteration here to emphasize to the reader the coldness and the pain that the father endured. In line 5 we also see another example of alliteration when we read the words “banked,” “blaze,” and…

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  • Diction In I Hear America Singing

    Various songs have been sung about America and how beautiful she is, but rarely is there a poem that describes the voices of those songs. In I Hear America Singing (1860), Walt Whitman conveys his concept of America as a unified nation. His poem explores the differing sort of people that Whitman contributes to creating America. They are exuberant, and strong. Although the poem is focused on the people, the title of the poem, I Hear America Singing, shows that Whitman thinks of these people as…

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  • Symbolism In Annabel Lee

    compelling is Edgar’s marvelous use of imagery and symbolism, rhythm, repetition, and rhyme. Annabel Lee features incredibly rich imagery and symbolism throughout the poem. The imagery, with the assistance of the rhythm, causes the poem to come alive. While the words Poe…

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  • Abuse In My Papa's Waltz By Theodore Roethke

    written by Theodore Roethke, most readers believe that it is about abuse. Is it possible? Of course it is, it depends on who’s reading the poem and their interpretation of the poem. The use of language, diction, imagery, and symbols, along with the tone helps to influence how readers come to their own conclusion on what the poem is really about. I choose to look at the poem in a brighter light. With so much negativity in the world and with so many children growing up without fathers or father…

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  • Analysis Of Car Radio

    They both treat mortality as something inevitable, and how their death does not make a difference in the grand scheme of things. The subject of Dickinson’s poem is how the world will carry on without blinking an eye when she dies. Although the song “Car Radio” treats death itself as terrifying, he casually says “I could pull the steering wheel,” which is an allusion to suicide, as though the actual act of dying is not a big deal, and can happen at any time(Tyler 25). Along with this, they both…

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  • When The Towers Fell By Galway Kinnell

    Poetry in the past years has become a focus on the craft and skill of what the poet is able to use while writing, which can create very beautiful poetry. However, a very strong form of poetry is the kind that relate to people and look into humanity of people along with their psychological state. A poet that was best at doing this is Galway Kinnell. Galway Kinnell is an exceptional poet that grew up in and lived in Rhode Island. He died in 2014 at the age of eighty seven years young. He had…

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  • Poetry As A Way Of Saying Analysis

    connects to this naturalness so that they can accurately experience the emotion and passion of the poem. A close study of “Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night” and “Because I Could Not Stop For Death” shows the reader there are very little similarities between each poem’s verbal structure. In Dickenson’s poem, she has sprinkled her rhyming words throughout the poem in no particular order; however, this informal “sound” yet important choice of words seems to tie it all together. For example,…

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  • Poem Analysis: Anyone Lived In A Pretty How Town

    out before them anyone is the happy go lucky guy who always dances and sings, while no one is the opposite more laid back. When anyone dies no one kisses him on the face which finally shows her love for him and then they get buried next to each other. The two themes are shown multiple times throughout this poem the love theme is shown again when the kids are younger they really don’t understand yet as what their parents want so they do what any other kid does they love who they want but then as…

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