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  • Argumentative Debate On Spanking

    message to kids that it is okay for a person to strike a smaller person. There is some truth to this message. When a parent spanks their child out of anger or frustration, then it does send the wrong message to the child. When a parent makes the decision to spank a child, it should be done out of love. The goal is not to cause pain, but to teach the child a lesson. Spanking should not be the first option. If a child goes into the street, the dangers should be explained to the child. If the child goes into the street again, then he or she should receive a spanking as a way to get the child’s immediate attention. This will teach the child to listen to you and he will not go into the street again. A spanking should only be a few strikes on the buttocks. It should never be on any other part of the body. With the exception of one light tap on the hand. This teaches a child not to touch an item, such as the stove. Many times, children learn from natural consequences if they are told not to run and continue to disobey. The result may be a skinned up knee, therefore the child may need a discussion about how disobedience leads to accidents. There is also the discussion at what age should paddling begin. This really depends on the child, parents, and the level of discipline needed. No child under the age of two should receive a spanking. Children at this age do not have the mental capacity to understand what is going on. As a child gets older and they mature mentally, then a spanking…

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  • Spanking Research Papers

    child can lead them to have increased aggression, and mental health problems for children. Parents need to know other techniques of how to discipline children, and why those are techniques are more effective. There has been research done to prove that spanking is an ineffective form of punishment. Parents find themselves using this form of punishment for their kids generally because they are frustrated with their child and think it is a harmless form of punishment. Spanking a child is doing…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Spanking Children

    “please don’t hit me”. People say that spanking should only be used as a last resort when all else fails. If a parent spanks their children any more than a last resort than they are teaching their children to fear them instead of respect them. A simple spanking generates respect while a beating will generate fear and hatred. One point stated is the size difference of the parent verses the child. Some parents foreget how much bigger they are than the child and because the child cant defend…

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  • Butts Body Image

    inches and her bra size was a 36D. Skinny women who before had the ideal boyish body were so ashamed they would take supplements to gain weight, a complete reverse from the past. Some women who wanted the hour glass figure started buying hip and butt padding which was gave them the appearance of curves. In the present day, beauty is often defined by someone with noticeable curves. Although the small waist still somewhat applies in modern days, women are now turning their attention on…

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  • Personal Narrative-The Day I Stopped Touching

    The Day I Stopped Touching You know how some people don’t like others to touch their belongings without their permission? Well that’s how my mom is and she is very strict about those kinds of things. Like most people were, when I was little we loved touching everything, despite the ban of grownups. My mom always said that I couldn’t touch her possessions unless she said to do so, even if it was mine or someone gave it to me. The reason why is that because in Haiti, if a grown up gives a child…

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  • Personal Narrative: The IVF Process

    You may have known someone who has gone through IVF and have heard about the infamous shots and other aspects of the treatment. Chances are that unless you have gone through infertility, you haven’t been exposed to the depth of what this process really entails. Join me as I take you on a tour of what it is like to struggle with infertility and undergo the oppressing, all consuming IVF process. The IVF process, from start to finish Tour stop #1: You enter an office filled with pleasant, smiling…

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  • Skylar And Anna's Escape From The Underground

    Three months had passed ever since the twin sisters moved into the Underground. The first month with the skeleton brothers went quite swimmingly. They were well fed; Papyrus served spaghetti nearly every day, with rare occasions of something new every once in a while to 'spice things up. ' The girls were never bored while they stayed with the brothers. They went on many adventures. Going to Grillby 's, setting up puzzles, solving Junior Jumbles and many Crosswords. Not to mention spending…

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  • What Are The Dangers Of Cosmetic Surgery Essay

    There are many risks involved with any cosmetic procedure and at times many dangerous complications can arise, and people wanting the procedure should know the dangers that are associated with these surgeries. There are various types of cosmetic surgery preformed the most popular are breast augmentation, liposuction, nose surgery, and buttock augmentation. The outcomes to these surgeries are not always what are expected to be. A person can face risks when having these surgeries such as scaring,…

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  • Angelo Cuzalina Research Paper

    liposuction of the hips, back grafting to the buttocks, or even what 's known as labiaplasty or vaginal plasty, where the labial tissue or vaginal canal that 's stretched out with childbirth is tightened up. In his practice, Cuzalina actually does as many as three different kinds of gluteal or butt lifting procedures. One is a formal butt for people who have lost weight, where an incision is actually made to lift it. But, there is also augmentation procedures for people who have no fat and a…

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  • Sexual Abuse Case Summary

    PER REPORTER: Diane said today while doing a trauma screening on her client (Kimora) the child disclosed to her some sexual abuse she witnessed when she was around five or six years old. According to Kimora, she witnessed her thirteen-year-old brother (Trayvion) sexually abusing her other brother (Quincy) when she was five or six years old. She said both Quincy and Trayvion had their shirts on but their bottoms were down and Trayvion’s penis was in Quincy’s buttocks. She said she believes the…

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