Homeless Case Summary

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During this rating period, Zhenya Gezalyan continued her assignment as a GAIN Services Worker (GSW) in the Homeless Case Management Program Unit at the Southwest Family CalWORKs district. She performed the duties of a Homeless Case Manager (HCM) under the supervision of the rater, Terry McKinney. While under Ms. McKinney’s supervision, Ms. Gezalyan was primarily responsible for assessing the needs of homeless and at-risk of being homeless families applying for/or already receiving CalWORKs, obtain and retain permanent housing through advocacy, communication and the identification and facilitation of services. Ms. Gezalyan accepted her responsibilities and used her skills and knowledge to meet and exceed the Department’s expectations for …show more content…
Gezalyan demonstrated that she is flexible and can perform effectively in new situations. During this rating period, the GAIN Homeless Case Management section experienced a shortage of staff. As a result, she had to perform extra work along with her scheduled assignments. The extra work included case management duties on three uncovered files. She performed her duties efficiently, accurately, and promptly with minimum instructions and supervision.
Adaptability Cont.:
Whenever there were changes in policies/procedures, Ms. Gezalyan quickly learned her responsibilities and applied them accordingly. She proved to be very resourceful in finding solutions to problems as well accepting supervisory guidance as needed .

Job Knowledge:
Ms. Gezalyan is very knowledgeable of Homeless Case Management Program guidelines and computer system. She continued to display a comprehensive understanding of the objectives of her assignment and the procedures for meeting them. She effectively planned and performed her work according to departmental priorities and schedules in conjunction with the Homeless Case Management Program guidelines. She followed and applied program rules and regulations to perform her assignments. In fact, she kept herself updated on policy changes and immediately applied them in her work performance. She demonstrated the required job skills to effectively manage her caseload and perform her assigned
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Gezalyan exceeded the expectations in case management. She provided very good case management services to her participants in the most efficient and effective manner. Whenever Ms. Gezalyan met with participants, she patiently worked with them in identifying barriers and finding solutions to these barriers. Ms. Gezalyan determined the correct eligibility and appropriate services needed and facilitated access to those services. She encouraged participants to take full advantage of all available resources and service programs leading to self-sufficiency. Ms. Gezalyan provided guidance and support while monitoring participants' progress throughout their time in the program. She quickly ensured that their housing needs were accurately assessed. She utilized departmental and community resources to better serve participants. She correctly entered participant's information on computer systems in a timely manner and thoroughly documented all case actions

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