Analysis Of Hawaii 's Homeless Population Essay

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There are numerous efforts to address Hawaii’s homeless population, specifically –and significantly – with government agencies and in policies. The following are a couple of interviews conducted with professionals from organizations (The Homeless Program Office and Legal Aid) that deals with homelessness, and then followed by a few of the newly introduced bills at the National and State level.
Lori Tsuhako of the Homeless Program Office and
The Homeless Programs Office (HPO) is an administrative office within the Department of Human Services’ Benefits, Employment and Support Service (BESSD). The HPO is purely an administrative office, which means that they do not direct social workers or mandate interventions to the homeless population. In addition, the organization is obligated and accountable for receiving funds allocated by the Legislature, and then putting them out for bids. The HPO deals with executing contracts with vendors, including the Institute for Human Services, Catholic Charities, and Mental Health Kokua. Moreover, the HPO is an overseer the contractors in order to ensure that the State of Hawaii is receiving the services that HPO pay for. Additionally, the HPO is the key funder of the homeless efforts in Hawaii, they work closely with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the City and County of Honolulu, the rural counties, private foundations, and other departments in the State.
Lori Tsuhako manages the programs that provides State and Federal…

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