Criminalization Of Homelessness Essay

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Homelessness and the Changes
By: Brooke Linton
Many things can influence homelessness as well as help those that are homeless. A short research article known as “No Right to Rest, Police Enforcement Patterns and Quality of Life Consequences of the Criminalization of Homelessness” written by Tony Robinson published in February 2017 tells about the laws towards the homeless and how they are growing.
In the article “Changes in Public Attitudes and Perceptions about Homelessness between 1990 and 2016” written by Jack Tsai a study was done to view the publics attitudes about homelessness in the 21st century and see the changes over the past two decades. It had shown that compared to previous studies done people had more compassion for those who
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Since then many steps have been taken to help the homeless. Such as health care, housing, and services to help those that are homeless or at risk of being homeless. The bush administrative encourage people around the country to help plan ways to end homelessness. It has taken many years to get where we are today and stated in the introduction of Jack Tsai’s article, by 2009, the department of Veterans Affairs took a step to prevent and end veteran homelessness. Then in 2010 the U.S. Interagency Council on homelessness provided the nation’s first comprehensive strategy to prevent and end …show more content…
I believe more can be done for those who truly need it. Many people have made bad choices to land where they are now, but just as many were dealt a bad hand and had little to rely on to help them. Homelessness is one of the major problems in the united states and I see many things in this country. We have a strong country with more people willing to help make a change then some of us realize and I believe together we can all make this country the great country it was meant to be and that so many other countries believe we

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