Main Causes Of Homelessness In America

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Homelessness in America
Homelessness has been a problem that we’ve been facing for a long time now. Through the years we have noticed different patterns on the homelessness population in the U.S. alone: the homeless population has gone up, down, but has never completely disappeared. In the U.S. alone, homelessness has become a huge problem that may escalate in the near future if we don’t try and find solutions to it.
Homelessness has to be the cause of something, right? It can’t just happen out of nowhere. One of the main causes of homelessness is unemployment. Some people end up in the streets because they lose their job (whether they are fired or from a sudden cut of working staff) and they can’t find another job in time. With bills and
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Homelessness isn’t always caused by unemployment. Sometimes a person can have a job but still go homeless because the rent of the house may be too expensive to afford. The person may try to look for another place that can be affordable, but in most cases, the place that is too expensive for them is the cheapest place available and so they have to live on the streets. Another main cause of homelessness is overpopulation. In places like China and India, the population is so high that they live in crowded spaces. The government can’t help families that much with this problem because there is limited space and resources while the population is still growing. Eventually, there won’t be enough space and resources for everyone. The rate at which people are born everyday is higher than the rate of people dying everyday. This means that the world population is growing and growing. Unfortunately, the population is growing at such an exponential rate that we will reach the ten billion mark in a few years. As sad as it sounds, wars have to happen in order to control the world population. Another cause of why this phenomenom is still at large is because some people end up in the streets as an …show more content…
It affects companies/small business, the local community, and even the government. Some small businesses are not too fond of homeless people because the presence of one in their business may scare some possible customers since their hygiene tends to be “off-fleek”. Also, the common stereotype that most homeless people rob, drink, and do drugs doesn’t help at all. Some businesses even have spikes outside their stores in order to prevent homeless people from “setting camp”. The sole fact that a human is doing this to another human is disgusting. However, not every person dislikes and tries to get rid of homeless people. In fact, there are various foundations and laws that help homeless people. Members of local communities and some churches tend to set up “Soup Kitchens”. In said soup kitchens, food and water is given to homeless people and sometimes even a place to sleep. The government is even trying to solve this issue by trying to pass laws that will aid the poor. However, there is still debate over whether they should pass these laws, because the rich will pay more taxes and the poor will benefit the most. Some people tend to go against these laws because the rich shouldn’t be lose more money because after all they worked hard for it, meanwhile some people just settle on government aid (welfare) and they don’t plan on moving

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