Personal Narrative: A Career As A Business Management Major

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I am a Business Management major so math is a key factor in what i would do on a daily basis. For example my major is Business Management but what i hope to do with that major is be knowledgeable enough to start my own company. My major is there to prepare me to do so and owning your own company means i better be good at numbers because it is all numbers. Management is knowing what price margins to set things at knowing when the best times to invest in things, being able to handle your debt and investments, this list could go on forever. I have picked a major that i will forever be doing math. There are four major types of math i will be doing in college that will directly affect what i am using math for once i graduate. The four types of math are calculus, algebra, accounting, and economics.

The first kind of math i take is Algebra in a business management major i am in charge of understanding how to accumulate data and turn it in to a graph. I am also in charge of being the one who analyze’s the data and presents it to a group of people who make decisions for the company. This could be used in sales, marketing,
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I am actually responsible for taking managerial accounting. In that class i learn not only to keep track of finances but also work salaries and inventories as well. This is a crucial part of understating math and how it will apply for every part of a business. Keeping finances in order is the only way a company will secede. As a business management major it is important to understand your accounts and where you are choosing to make deals and also very important that you are not just trusting someone to manage your money that you also understand what they are doing that way you do not get your business in any shady compromising situations. No one wants to end up loosing

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