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  • Case Study: Harris City Transportation System

    whose ingenuity created them. Immediately upon entering the massive office, your eyes light up from all the different colors from the screens screaming right at you. There’s a quiet humming in the room: officials talking to transport officials, printers spewing out sets of time intervals and data for the upcoming month. Mass transit systems are often overlooked portion of today’s infrastructure. The Harris County METRO facility and what it’s employees do exemplifies what systems engineering is. The goal is to make models and analyze them to further better the METRO transportation process, including improving safety, efficiency, cost and getting from Point A to Point B. In a city like Houston, timing, precision and intense focus is necessary to keep the system’s gears moving. Houston’s METRO system comprises of over 9000 bus stops and 1200…

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  • Effects Of Globalization In The Automotive Industry

    The recent trend of globalization has had a significant effect on many different industries, including the automotive industry. The automotive industry is a relatively new industry that was sparked by the industrial revolution and pushed into the day-to-day lives of many through the power of major oil companies. Finding an efficient mass transportation system for people has been a consistent issue that even today we have yet to solve. The introduction of the automobile and highway systems is the…

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  • Intercultural Communication: A Personal Narrative

    mostly spoke English, which was a nice and easy to communicate where we were going or trying to get. In Madrid no one asks where the bathrooms are in restaurants it just should be assumed they are in the basement floor in the back to the right. I would never have thought that was something to just be assumed. In addition, when it comes to personal space I also noticed in the dating section that people are very much affectionate. So personal space and PDA are not a problem here since I have seen…

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  • Walk Home-Personal Narrative

    My friends and I had just gotten off our bus to walk home. Our bus stop was in the cul-de-sac at the beginning of the neighborhood and we all lived either right in the middle or in the far back. It was a three-day weekend so we were all trying to figure what to do. Our choices were to either go fishing off the docks in the back of the neighborhood or go swimming from our small bit of sandy, muddy beach that has murky water coming up on it. I lived off the Lake Pontchartrain at the time. My…

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  • A Thousand Splendid Sun Analysis

    Rayn Vann English II Honors Tone In Suns Essay The author of the book A Thousand Splendid Suns uses many examples of imagery, such as the following excerpts to make a reader feel a certain way, or to help them better understand the events taking place at the time. In the first excerpt, Laila is waiting to board the bus after Wakil “bought tickets” for Laila, Mariam, and Aziza. She is in a pleasant, unbreakably optimistic mood. Her feelings are reflected by the imagery the author provides us…

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  • Georgette's Home-Personal Narrative

    The rising sun cast shadows on the newly blacktopped parking lot. On the outlying edges a fine mist rose from the morning dew dancing with the gentle breeze. It would have made for a breathtaking view had Georgette noticed it. However, this morning her eyes were watching her feet walk as her mind wrestled with reasons for the feeling of apprehension rising like a chokehold from deep within. Arriving at the back of Bus 57 she shook herself like a dog ridding itself of water. Her hand…

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  • Case Study: NJ Transit

    Located in Newark, New Jersey Transit was founded by New Jersey Department of public transportation from the act of 1979, its mission to provide safe, reliable, convenient service with a skilled team of employees, dedicated to Customers’ needs and committed to excellence. NJ Transit purchased the largest private bus company to operate, later added the rail road operations. In 1984, both department of the organizations merge with NJ Transit Mercer to establish a combined organization with the…

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  • Reflective Essay Of Winterpock Elementary School

    When I was younger I loved writing. Poems, short stories, and nonfiction, I tried to write them all. From Romans to a galactic republic, my mind was a canvas of creativity until that day. The day of my social humiliation in front of all my peers, the day I thought I had written my best paper, the day I was changed. I was so amped to go to school that day, I rushed down stair grabbed my black and red backpack and ran for the bus stop. While I was running I heard my sister scream“Wait, Rocky, your…

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  • D1 Student Case Study Essay

    Deeya Patel Bus D1 Students are Consistently Delayed On Tuesday September 26th, Deeya Patel’s bus driver mistakenly took a wrong between 3:15 and 3:30 and ended up on Route 206. As a new bus driver, Gina has been taking a different route almost everyday. As a result, Deeya Patel and many others shared a confused look. Was Gina taking a different route because she wanted to see the fastest way or was it hard for her to memorize the given route? As students at Hillsborough Middle School, they…

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  • Free Bus Rides

    free bus rides ? the elderly should not pay for public transport, because they are limited in their finance. Most of the elderly are retired and have no more income coming in. The only money they have left its for them to buy their food , medicine, rent etc or even maybe to go on a mini vacations. I say vacation because the money they get from retirement they should be able to enjoy it on a vacation every once in a while. They live life already they are tired and they also have to much time…

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