The Controversy Of A Bus

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The street awakes to the genesis of the warm morning sunlight. The moist morning dew still fresh on the emerald green grass, which has been cut into neat verges like a clean shaven chin. The rigid trees stand tall and wise looking over the desolate street. Suddenly they spy, a lone lost boy pacing along the road looking out to find the comfort of a round sign with the sympathetic symbol of a bus. He checks his watch once composed against the sign; the soothing sigh shows relief and a shining sweating brow reflects the mottled sunlight that has travelled an epic journey from the son of the universe only to be blocked by a single half eaten leaf.
The bus stop now has grown from a soldier to a garrison of people, each face exerting its own sonder
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The midfield of the bus was like a football stadium with small teams of boys debating the football scores and aggravating rival sides each neglecting another’s legion. Despite their controversial debates they all seemed to have similar characteristics of the same floppy plimsoll shoes and trousers two sizes too small for them, resulting in a lot of boys waddling around the bus desperately trying to avoid ripping their dignity in two.
To the rear most of the bus is a lone wolf slumped across the seats with dark elliptical eyes warning others of her presence. Her unwashed, smelly stagnant clothing is met by a consistent white striped scaring pattern exposed across her body, painting a picture of the mess her life was in. She gives off a heart wrenching howl via her headphones, which acts as an antidote a self-healing shield, soothing her

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