Puerperal fever

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  • The Doctor's Plague: Incautious Doctors

    Incautious Doctors Throughout the medical history, preventing or curing a disease was one of the hardest dilemmas that doctors face. According to Nuland’s novel, The Doctor’s Plague, where a group of obstetrical doctors came together at Vienna’s general hospital, Allgemeine Krankenhaus, in order to figure out the leading causes of childbed fever epidemic (Nuland). It took them years and decades to find out the roots of the disease. They conducted several theories and experiments to come up a solution, and most of them did not succeed. Semmelweis was one of the young obstetricians who joined the hospital as an assistant. During his assistantship at the hospital, he began to implement his own theories. Even though he had a slightly different approach than other doctors, his theory did not work well either. However, the doctors, including Semmelweis, failed to cease the puerperal infection due to misunderstanding…

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  • In A Joumbled Drawer Analysis

    simple projects. Specifically, the timelines echoed the limiting philosophy that the status quo is the only reasonable path, a sentiment many feel pressured by. This outlook on life can result in thought errors and obstruction of growth. To illustrate the contrast of positive thinking that results from ability to change, and the negative thinking that is caused by the inability to wander from expectations and previous theories we turn to several readings: Atul Gewande’s “Suggestions for Becoming…

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  • A Comparison Of Death In Milwaukee During The Year 1900

    contamination. A large number of cases of intestinal infections and a considerable number of cases of typhoid fever occurring during the month of May lead to exhaustive chemical and bacteriological examination of he water.”(1905) This annual report suggested that “the heavy rains which occurred in April carried out large quantities of sewage into the lake, and this quantity greater than previous time because the river had not been flushed for some time. “(1905) It also stated that along with…

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  • Healing Herbs And Dangerous Doctor By Jan Pylypa Summary

    American doctors and most people do not question their doctors. In some countries this is not the case. In other countries around the world, there is less use of doctors to cure sicknesses. Instead the people, who are sick, go see shamans or herbalists. The article Healing Herbs and Dangerous Doctors Fruit Fever and Community Conflicts with Biomedical Care in Northeast Thailand discussed the different views of the medical system. There were several interviews that were performed by the author…

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  • Vulnificus Research Paper

    Typical clinical signs of V. vulnificus infections include fever, chills, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, septic shock, and characteristic skin lesions [15]. These characteristic skin lesions include lower extremity cellulitis with ecchymosis and bullae. Since the organism can cross the intestinal mucosa rapidly, development of bullous skin lesions of the lower extremities can occur within the first 24 hours after onset of illness [16]. This onset if often thought of as an early manifestation of…

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  • Summary Of Rush By Devize

    Like Rush, Devéze wrote an account about the fever and its victims throughout the duration of the epidemic. In, An enquiry into, and observations upon the causes and effects of the epidemic disease, Devéze wrote his theory for the cause of the fever and all of the treatments he conducted at Bush Hill. There is an element in his notes that is not seen in Rush’s. Devéze wrote specific details about his patients. The medical notes of Rush do not include the details like Devéze provides. In a…

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  • Effects Of Recuperation In Nigeria

    Introduction Fever in children is a typical side effect of various restorative conditions, most strikingly irresistible maladies. In spite of not being characteristically risky, it can cause uneasiness in parents and caregivers alike, and it is one of the main reasons why parents look to medical care. Evidence-based guidelines reliably express that the side effect of fever does not require treating and, therefore, the point ought to be to distinguish those children with a serious ailment and…

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  • Influenza And The Immune System

    “Of deaths resulting from influenza, 80 to 90 percent occur in adults 65 years and older. Older adults are prone to severe and potentially fatal complications from this common illness because of co-existing chronic disease and weakened immunity” (Mouton, 2001). Some of the complications the flu could lead to are bronchitis and or pneumonia. The clinical manifestations from having influenza may include a rapid onset of a headache, muscle aches, cough, sore throat, fever, chills, and malaise…

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  • Case Study: Utilizing Soft-Tissue Infection At Surgical Site

    choice of initial antibiotic therapy (Kalil, 2016). According to Surviving Sepsis Campaign, obtaining appropriate cultures before administration of antimicrobials is necessary to confirm infection and the responsible pathogens and to allow de-escalation of antimicrobial therapy after receipt of the susceptibility profile (Society of Critical Care Medicine [SCCM], 2016). To reiterate the importance of obtaining blood cultures are documented studies showing only thirty to fifty percent of…

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  • Epidemiology And Public Health Essay

    communicable diseases still remain a leading cause of morbidity in all age groups in Cambodia, and represent 83% of the reported disease burden.5 Further, of all the Southeast Asian countries, Cambodia has the highest burden (measured in DALY’s per 100,000 population) of communicable diseases, according to 2004 data.6 The Central Intelligence Agency classifies the infectious disease risk in Cambodia as “very high,” and indicates several diseases to be of highest concern, most of which are…

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