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  • Characteristics Of A Crane

    1. Introduction 1.1 – What Is a Crane? The Oxford Dictionary defines a crane as “A large, tall machine used for moving heavy objects by suspending them from a projecting arm or beam” (Oxford Dictionaries, n.d.). Today they are a common sight on building sites around New Zealand. They come in many different forms that have been adapted to suit different applications. 1.2 – What are the main (common) parts of a crane? Cranes vary in size, shape & specialty but they are all based on the same principal. As such, there are some parts that are common between all cranes that have been listed below. These elements are also shown in Figure 1. Boom (jib)– This is the arm that does all the lifting. Hook Block – A pulley block with a hook. This is where…

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  • JEDR Report Conclusion

    31 RPM) x (1 rev)/(2π rad) x 60 s = 913.16 Nm TA = 913.16 x (784.31 RPM)/(261.44 RPM) = 2739.45 Nm TMotor = 2739.45 x (261.44 RPM)/(1785 RPM) = 401.23 Nm 1.4. Pulley and Belt Specification According to the JEDR report, the pulleys’ size ratio is reversed, instead of 3:1 for pulley A to pulley B ratio, it assumed them as 1:3 for drive pulley is smaller than driven pulley. This mistake will lead to a necessary correction for contact angles. Furthermore, the incorrect RPMs will lead to the…

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  • Differences On One Side Of A Gulleys Equilibrium?

    Research question: How does the mass (grams[±0.1g]) on one side of a pulley affect the mass (grams), and create equilibrium? Hypothesis: If the differences in masses (grams{±0.1g}) on each side of the pulley increases, then the mass in the middle of the two pulleys will be required to increase, because they will have to balance out each other’s mass to establish equilibrium. If the mass (grams{±0.1g}) on a side of a pulley decreases, then the mass in the middle of the two pulleys will be…

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  • The Definition Of Discussion Between A Wire And The Wire

    The main reason for this power loss is likely due to the slipping of the belt with respect to the driven pulley. This is because the two surfaces of the wire and pulley are not physically attached, but rather the transmission of force relies on the friction between the two surfaces. Therefore, under this scenario it can be considered that the wire was not effectively in contact with the pulley the whole time (it ‘slipped’) and so some power was wasted. This problem is largely reduced by using a…

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  • Rigging Research Paper

    The magic of theatre has fascinated children and adults since the 1600's. Behind some of the magic of the theatre is just a couple of guys pulling ropes. These people are called Riggers, because they rig cable and ropes to pulleys to make backdrops, people, or set pieces fly. When flying pieces or people, theatres will use a multitude of different things to fly. Unfortunately, stages are also built in a multitude of ways for the purpose of different experiences. For many theatres, stages have…

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  • Pasco Go Cart Lab Report

    In this lab students would be able to determine the mass of a Pasco Go cart based on the materials were given. In this experiment they were given a set of hooked masses, green cart,a ramp with a pulley, string, a ring stand, protractor and a ruler. With these materials they were able to create a pulley that could determine the weight of the car. The students had found it easier to use less weight to calculate the mass of the green car. The students had to use three different counter weight…

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  • Somany Cramics Case Study

    to dry the green tile after forming process in hydraulic press. This is automatic three layer dryer which consist blowers, exit table elevator etc. I was responsible for preventive maintenance of Horizontal dryer which include following activities: • Checking of all timing belts, pulley of all three floor of exit table on regular interval. • Checking of oil leakage of all gears of exit table. • Greasing of all bearings of exit table. • Checking of exit elevator gear oil level and alignment. •…

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  • Torsion Spring Research Paper

    no child’s play and should not be attempted if one is not sure how to go about it. If one still wants to do it then there are a number of videos by youdoitstore, DDM Garage Doors both on their website and in YouTube that provide a very safe and easy to follow clear instructions on installing a spring. Safety Cables One part of the process that must be remembered in all cases is the use of safety cables. These safety cables come with the extension spring and must be fixed into their pulleys…

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  • Colosseum Essay

    It’s attractive and it shows how the Romans use their techniques to build the colosseum. The Colosseum shows the power, might and wealth of the Rome. It’s one of most popular Roman attractions and the average of 3.9 visitors each year. It’s the largest amphitheatre during the Roman empire. You will be fascinated after visiting the Colosseum, because it’s complicated with the ways of thinking in that time. The Colosseum shows the technology and techniques they use such as complete building this…

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  • Frederick Tudor's Ice Trading Business

    explains that most researches lead to technological innovations. He defines technology as “a design for instrumental action that reduces the uncertainty in the cause-effect relationships involved in achieving a desired outcome.” In other words, we use technology to create optimal solutions for our problems or needs. Furthermore, he argues that technology has a material aspect and as software aspect, and that these two aspects contribute to creating the best solution. On one hand, the material…

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