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  • History Of Libraries In The 1960s

    However, according to W. Boyd Rayward, Professor Emeritus in the Library in Information Science school at the University of Illinois, Librarians were hesitant to adopt some of the new technologies—such as the use of punch cards—until after World War II (2-3). The punch card system, invented in 1890, slowly found its way into libraries; it is estimated that at least one library began using punch cards for cataloging in the mid to late 1960s, and the Library of Congress began experimenting with punch card catalogs in the mid-1940s. It is fitting that the Library of Congress would be the first to implement the first non-experimental punched-card catalog; however, the Library of Congress’s first punched-card catalog was for periodicals, not books. What is really interesting though, is that the “first successful punched-card catalog for books is believed to have been in the King County (Washington) Public Library system…distributed in 1951” (Dewey 36). The punch card system was the one of the earliest, if not the earliest, forms of automation introduced into libraries. Punch cards allowed for inexpensive and easy duplication of the catalog, and it was easy to add or remove cards when the collection changed (Dewey…

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  • Homework Collection Research Paper

    While the card drawing technique is a playful method of random homework selection, it answers the call of Cooper et al. [4] in considering “non-achievement-related effects of homework” (p. 54), and more specifically addresses two contemporary important issues facing mathematics educators. The first is classroom attendance. Romer [18] discussed how absenteeism is “rampant” in undergraduate classes, adding that “steps to increase attendance, including making attendance mandatory, may deserve…

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  • Narrative Essay: The Baseball Card

    “The Baseball Card” ` Rickey and Gary out of school at 2:45 , and they take the same route to school every day. They cut through the old car dealership parking lot , when the boys started to cross the parking lot Gary spotted an old shoe box. Gary then began to kick the box across the parking lot as he walked. Stop gary that's super annoying said Rickey , Gary just looked at Rickey and rolled his eyes and continued to kick the box. Gary gave it one more hard kick and when he did the…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Day Of High School

    After the store Kimi decided to go the bookstore to wait for Yuki. Yuki sits down in front of the bookstore waiting for Kimi to finish her purchases, she then pulls out these packs and open them. She looks at all these different cards until one stops her by eye. The name of the card was ‘ Spirit Keeper, Guardian of the Bad Past.” She looked closer only to realize this card looks a lot like her. The details with blue hair with a ponytail, pink eyes, and a thinner body structure. The…

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  • The Importance Of Debit Cards

    Authors are attributed to having created technologies and new innovations that expounded heavily on what they might be, and how they might be used when writing their stories. Such an example is the debit card. A debit card is a plastic payment card that can be used instead of cash when buying goods or services. The checking account of the debit holder is automatically debited when a transaction has occurred. Safety measures such as entering a personal identification number (PIN) to verify a…

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  • Importance Of Securing Your Needs

    Securing Your Needs Securing your needs involves managing your money in a way that is resourceful. Money may be spent through cash, credit or debit cards, checks or applying for a loan. Another important component includes benefits from a job, large household needs, insurance and managing debt. These components are important because they lead you to build your wealth. Using these tools properly can help you save money while using them incorrectly can put you deeply in debt. My current situation…

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  • The Importance Of Consumer Credit: Too Easy To Fail

    farmer, knowing that when the crops came in, the debt would be paid. Eventually, credit continued to evolve and retailers began to offer their own charge cards, or lines of credit that needed to be paid at the end of the month. Then, in 1949, the world of consumer credit changed forever with the introduction of the Diners Club Card (Bankers Rate). The card was born of sheer convenience, responding to a need to pay for things at different retailers without carrying cash or a checkbook – or 5…

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  • Lori Andrews's 'Facebook Is Using You'

    The 21st century has added a new weapon to the arsenal of persecutors. Credit card companies can lower a customer 's credit limit based solely on where they’ve shopped. An employer can make his or her decision on hiring an employee using just social media footprints. Lori Andrews presents frightening information in her essay “Facebook Is Using You”. Through the use of statistics, anecdotal evidence, and appeals to the audience 's sense of fear, she successfully convinces the reader that there is…

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  • Debit Cards Essay

    written since 2009 has been dropping by 1.8 billion a year. A figure like that projects checks to be gone by the year 2026, and since checks require a checking accounts just like debit cards, debit cards will perish as well. With debit, credit cannot be established, and folks are missing out on the opportunity to establish credit. Debit cards allow people to spend as much as they have in their checking account, yet credit cards let people spend up to a set limit, but the payments must be paid on…

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  • Short Story: The Logger Of Elwood Forest

    Rayes loved more than scrabble, it was play cards, and to play cards well, and if she couldn’t play cards well, if she were sick or unlucky or simply off her games, she’d resort to cheating while keeping up the apperance of a accomplished card player. Mrs. Rayes’ cheating was not the sort of cheating of a well practiced cheater; it was sloppy, and executed poorly, and on the occasions that her son caught her cheating while playing cards, Mrs. Rayes would say, “You’ve got a lot of nerve calling…

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