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  • Public Service Announcements

    Public service announcements (PSAs) are a vital tool to disseminate information to the general public on critical issues. PSAs are generally provided by non-profit organizations and are used for mass media outlets. The benefit of using PSAs is their ability to efficiently and repeatedly penetrate a large target audience (Bator & Cialdini, 2000). But, however enticing the promise of a great return on investment may be, there are always challenges with measuring a PSAs efficacy. This review attempts to examine the components of PSAs and how different components may increase or decrease its efficacy. Research by Zhao, Strasser, Cappella, Lerman and Fishbein (2011) states that the strength of the argument presented has a significant result on…

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  • PSA Public Service Announcement Analysis

    Essay about PSA (Public Service Announcement) According to CARE’s website, it is said CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty, which especially focuses on working alongside poor women. Even though the world has been changed a lot, people gradually find more problems need to solve, like poor women’s right. “I am powerful” is such an advertisement made by CARE to address and to make people take the responsibility for fixing this problem. Using "seeds" as the implication…

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  • Reflection On Public Service Announcement Skills

    Class #10 (Lab during class #9) Readings: None listed in the outline (PSA Presentation day!) Today we had all of our Public Service Announcement assignments present in class. Some were videos, slideshows and poems. Over all, it was very interesting to see and learn about all of the different trauma related fields, theories, facts and activities. I think that everyone brought forward a creative presentation, making their PSA their very own. I truly enjoyed this class and think that it followed…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Erie Insurance And Dom Tiberi

    Driving Maria’s Message public service announcement begins with Dom Tiberi, Maria’s father, describing the general details of Maria’s accident and why he, and Erie Insurance, have partnered together to bring Maria’s Message to the forefront. Using a statistic on how many teenagers have taking pledge to help prevent distracted driving accidents high lightening the importance of spreading the Maria’s Message (Erie Insurance, 2014, 0:00-1:08). The public service announcement continues with Terri…

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  • Three Types Of Distracted Driving

    in 1988 the Harvard School of Public Health’s Center for Health Communication launched the U.S Designated Driver Campaign in collaboration with leading TV networks and Hollywood studios. They sought to demonstrate how a new social concept the “designated driver”, could be rapidly diffused through American society via mass communication, like a Public Service Announcement. The campaign broke new ground when the Hollywood creative community agreed to depict the use of designated drivers in…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Emergency Preparedness

    I opted to conduct my rhetorical analysis and evaluation on the Emergency Preparedness poster from the Ad Council. The print ad or poster in question shows a town that a tornado has ripped through, with markers showing where members of a hypothetical family are located. The message of this particular ad piece is quite simple, in the event of a serious emergency; know where your family is. This in itself speaks to a need in all of us to be connected to our loved ones, especially in a time of…

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  • The Importance Of Public Service In America

    controversial topics in today’s society is that should some sort of public service be required. Public service is “something that is done to help people rather than to make a profit” (Merriam-Webster). Public service is so controversial that three out of five Americans support the idea of public service being required. “Roughly three in five Republicans (58%), Democrats (61%), and Independents (58%) agree that some sort of public service should be required.”(Three in five Americans). These…

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  • Australian Public Service (APS)

    The industry I choose to join upon graduation is the Australian Public Service (APS). The APS is one of the most diverse employers as they employ people from manual labour positions such as gardeners to high level administration and governance positions. Apprenticeship, indigenous career pathways, school leaver and graduate programs are available across a wide range of public service departments and agencies. They offer full time, part time, casual and temporary jobs across Australia with…

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  • The Challenges Of Constant Connectivity

    Frequently, in public places, such as stores, restaurants and shopping malls, I witness adolescents with their heads turned downward staring at a small blue screen, texting or scrolling through social media. Clearly, there is little to no interpersonal interaction occurring. Consequently, I just read a short article that young people today are experiencing and being treated for chronic neck pain due to the overuse of the neck as it is hunched over a cell phone for many hours each day. I agree…

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  • Brooklyn Park Case Study

    subsequent interview of a city administrator in Brooklyn Park. It will address the role and challenges that an administrator whose practices are closely aligned with the New Public Service world view faces in discharging her duties to the public. In an attempt to answer the central question of how and in whose interest do public administrators serve as agential leaders, three tenets, key to a good public agency that administers in the interest of the public will be discussed. The role of public…

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