Public space

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  • Public Spaces

    groups of people and act as signifying objects that carry meaning with them. These spaces, as seen in (Fig. 2, 3, 4) are open and clear of any barriers making them ideal spots to carry out activities. Unlike many other parks in New York City, Union Square does not have many or any regulation at all in regards to what kind of activities…

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  • Public Space Observation Report

    For this exercise, I stayed in the MD. Anderson Library in the UH main campus at 11:30. I sat down at the last computer, which is nearest the none-computer area and the windows. First, I had not decided to do this observation at that time, but a yelling voice of an African American guy made me feel curious. That led me open the Microsoft Word screen on computer and begin making my public space observation, an assignment in Sociology 1300 course. This was not the first time I feel curious to…

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  • Black Men In Public Space

    In Brent Staples essay Black Lives Matter is justified. People from all over the world have different opinions about The Black Lives Matter movement.Everybody is entitled to their own opinion but if you have an opinion about something this serious controversy breaks out. In this world we have many times where people are perceived wrongly and sometimes it ends up in tragedy. Brent Staples essay Black Men and Public Space is about black men being judged just by how they look and the color of their…

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  • Public Space Research Paper

    What defines public space? There is no concrete answer to that question. Though many scholarly people have tried, it is very hard to limit it to one single definition. To give the reader an idea of what public space is, just think of almost anywhere besides the comfort of your own home. Comfort is something you do not find just anywhere. To feel more comfortable in public spaces, police officers and other law enforcement are used to give you a sense of security. As we all know this is not always…

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  • Graffiti Social Issues

    three social disorders, graffiti, youth gangs and alcohol related street based violence. It is agreed among criminologists that the best response to youth deviance is to divert them away from the criminal justice system. Most of the debate surrounding social disorder involves public space. A limitation is that most solutions put forward by, including environmental crime prevention experts increase rather than decrease social exclusion. The best prevention in the crime prevention involves…

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  • What Is Public Space Appropriation

    OOL focussed in social participation in order to solve community problems, this assumption find support on the theory of “Public Space Appropriation”, if the citizens get involved in their community problems and start to get out in the streets and improve their public spaces the levels of crime, drug addiction and insecurity will decrease. A good example is the macro mural of Palmitas, Pachuca, Hidalgo on 2015. With the highest rate of violence on Hidalgo, Palmitas agree to host the project of…

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  • Ethics In Public Architecture

    this ethical intentionality affected in Public Architecture, where the individual client is substituted by civil society? This research paper aims to investigate a theoretical supposition in the fields of architecture and its ethical ideologies. It pursues new prospects to advise design practitioners and professional institutes by reconsidering interdependence between theory and practice and the influence thereof in substantiating architecture itself as a form of ethical investigation. Within…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of A Nanny State

    regulations, there will always be disagreement until they have proved their worth. As time goes by, the majority will started to support the decisions and take the benefits as granted. Take the history of government action on smoking for demonstration. Some of the actions taken by the government include forbidding advertisement on tobacco, restricting smokers in public space, increased taxes on tobacco, as well as restricting the access have undoubtedly reduce the consumption and exposure rates…

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  • Foucault's Theory Of Surveillance And Society

    After 9/11, surveillance did not become substantively different; it was not an event that pushed our technological capacities forward, but a tragedy that provoked societal change. The topic of surveillance entered mainstream public discussion, with great public concern and support. “The apparent crisis was immediately seen as an opportunity for already existing systems and capacities to be more fully exploited. 9/11 thus brought surveillance to the surface. The existence of a “surveillance…

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  • Gay Couples Issues Essay

    of each person will need to be defined. The couple should agree on who-to-do-what and how to go about it. The couple should decide who cooks, who keeps the house clean, and who shops for groceries. Additionally, they can create a time-table where each person takes turn to fulfill these duties or simply agree to do it together. 3. Going Public It is not difficult to see two gay couples in relationship where one have gone public with his sexuality while the other is reluctant about doing the…

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