Public switched telephone network

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  • Nt1310 Unit 1 Assignment Analysis

    For part B of assignment 1, i shall discuss the process and technical details involved with performing a telephone call from a Desktop Pc, to a telephone. I shall run through the process, using Alice (digital Device owner) and Bob (telephone) to describe the process. Before we can begin the call, the pc requires both a microphone and headset/speakers to be able to run any call, and a pc with a fast enough connection to the internet. In this instance, the call will be running as a two way communication known as duplex, which allows the transmission and receiving of information from two connected parties. This means that both connected callers can talk via their microphones and listen from the speaker simultaneously. The best way to describe it is that…

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  • Detection Of Smart Phones

    automated and requires very little user input. Considering A as the caller, B as the receiver, and C as the attacker who tries to spoof A’s caller identification while calling B. In such a spoofing scenario, A may not be in B’s contact list (unknown), and A’s number could be invalid (unreachable). Since the verification operation is preformed automatically, we expand our definition of the names and refer A, B, and C to the devices of caller, receiver and attacker respectively. In addition A, B,…

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  • Unit 7 Computer Networks

    Computer networks LAN – Is a Local Area Network which is a computer network that covers a small area which is sometimes a single room, an office building or a group of buildings. A local area network can be connected with others over a distance for example a telephone line, a radio or a mobile phone call, as a LAN is a network that covers the geographic distance that also involves internet links. A system of LANs that are all connected together is called a WAN, which is a wide area network.…

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  • Which Of The Following Is Not A Characteristic Of Intranets?

    browsing and search capabilities. b) Company-owned networks that use IP technology to securely share part of a business’s information or operations with suppliers, vendors, partners, customers, or other businesses. c) With screen sharing and other groupware tools, intranets can be used to facilitate collaboration. d) Companies deliver policies, pay stub information for direct deposits, benefits, training materials, and news to their employers via their intranets. 40. Virtual private…

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  • IT Security: Unauthorized Access To Society's Personal Information

    The following are the important uses and benefits of a computer network - • File/Hardware sharing - Networking of ICT technology helping the network users to share such things. Without using computer networks, this sharing is not possible. • Application sharing - Allows to implement client/server applications. • User communication - Networks allowing users to communicate to each other, for example; Using e-mail, newsgroups, and video conferencing. • Voice over IP - Voice over is a modern change…

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  • Voip Research Paper

    Introduction Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) or IP telephony is the name for a multimedia application that involves streaming audio between users through IP networks. Audio is digitized and sent across IP networks and then converted again to a playable format. It is rapidly growing in popularity due to its cost-saving nature. While there are a variety challenges that need to be overcome in order to make use of this technology widespread, VoIP has the potential to replace traditional phone…

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  • Voip Technology Advantages

    The cost of equipment, lines, manpower and maintenance is reduced significantly compared to traditional phones such as the phone bill or mobile telephone bill. There is also a high net saving advantage that results from the management of a single network, and this is made possible through the IP Phones. For many firms, especially those with international clients or suppliers, one of the biggest contributors to a burgeoning phone bill is international calls. VoIP technology is just incredible…

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  • Walmart Case Study

    Wireless Technology Student Objectives 1. Describe the components of telecommunications networks and identify key networking technologies. 2. Evaluate transmission media and the types of networks available to organizations. 3. Demonstrate how the Internet and Internet technology work and how they support communication and e-business. 4. Identify and describe the principal technologies and standards for wireless networking, communication, and Internet access. 5. Assess…

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  • Cell Phones: Convergence Or Developed Over Time?

    Mobile Phones From the first mobile phones that only offered an hour phone call time to the latest mobile phones with internet access and various applications, mobile phones have developed over the past decades. Beginning as substantial, thick gadgets Phones were able to transmit and receive voicemails over short distances. They then developed into lighter adaptable appliances allowing communications over long distances. How and why has the technology emerged or developed over time? In the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Internet

    By the end of the 1980s the number of hosts connected to the public Internet, a confederation of networks looking much like today’s Internet, would reach a hundred thousand. The 1980s would be a time of tremendous growth. Much of that growth resulted from several distinct efforts to create computer networks linking universities together. BITNET provided e-mail and file transfers among several universities in the Northeast. CSNET (computer science network) was formed to link university…

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