Mandatory Minimums In The Criminal Justice System

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John Doe was a man who had fallen on hard times. He knew a couple people from his time in high school; although he had only done drugs once, he was talked into trying marijuana to help relieve some of the stress in his life. He began to use marijuana regularly without any problems, until late one afternoon he was pulled over by a police officer because of a bad tail light. He was arrested for possession of one ounce of marijuana. He later went to court where he was offered a plea bargain for five years and five years of parole after his time was served in prison. Although john was a nonviolent drug offender, he was being treated as if he was a constant felon. Dispit the fact that the plea deal was far too harsh, John decided to take the plea deal since he could not afford to take on the …show more content…
Just the average cost per inmate in Arizona was $23,888 in 2016 which if you begin to throw people into prison just because of mandatory sentences that cost adds up (Annual Cost per Inmate). With each individual who is given time to serve on the bases that there has to be at least a minimum for the crime at hand, then that is one more individual who adds to the mountain of debt. Although some might argue that, the cost of the prison is worth it, since it is towards detaining criminals. When drug users are behind bars, instead of offering them counsel, or given an alternative sentence rather than time behind bars, then the now, inmates will remain a burden on

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