Mandatory sentencing

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  • Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Summary

    In this report for a non-governmental organization, Mclemore uses personal stories and examples from the USA to portray mandatory minimum sentencing as a lousy policy that should not be enacted in Canada. Mclemore highlights the negative aspects of such a policy that would take Canada in the wrong direction with its policy on crime. Her examples of these ‘tough on crime’ policies failing in the USA are especially convincing as it sheds light on the practice contributing negatively in past experiences. Mclemore is a senior researcher in the Health and Human rights division of the Human rights Watch. The Human Rights Watch is an enormous international non-governmental organization with an expenditure of almost 70 million in 2014. Therefore…

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  • Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Essay

    Mandatory minimum sentencing in the United States needs to be reformed. Especially for the non violent offenses. For federal and state crimes there is a mandatory minimum sentencing law requiring Mandatory minimum sentencing laws requiring binding prison terms of a distinct length for people convicted. These sentencing laws are set in stone and prevent judges from fitting the punishment to the circumstances of the offense. Mandatory minimum sentences do not by any means override sentencing;…

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  • Mandatory Sentencing Case Study

    Commerce law assessment task 3- Lachlan O’Malley Mandatory Sentencing in New South Wales 1. Mandatory Sentencing- a mandatory sentence is a court decision where legal discretion is limited by law. Most frequently, people convicted of certain crimes such as armed robbery or murder must be punished with at least a minimum number of years set in prison. 2. The introduction of the mandatory sentencing in NSW was the outcome of several brutal crimes. The act is projected to measure alcohol and…

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  • Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Case Study

    by her father out of compassion. The father, Robert Latimer was then sentenced to the full twenty-five years in prison because mandatory minimum sentencing was barring any reduction to the punishment. Regardless of the circumstances, mandatory minimums set standards in sentencing that will prohibit any punishment lower than the specified level. Despite Robert’s sympathetic intentions he received a severe penalty for his actions. It was worried that if Robert managed to receive a lesser…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

    York in the 1970’s. At that time the streets of New York were riddled with drug addicts. Rockefeller reached a point where something had to be done and quickly, so he imposed new sentencing guidelines for those caught with drugs. Within the new guidelines any drug related offense, addicts or dealers, resulted in a mandatory 15 years to life sentence. As a result, more prisons had to be built to accommodate the 2 million people who are serving long sentences for drugs (Mann). Recently talks of…

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  • Essay On Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

    Through the year’s mandatory minimum sentences seemed like the way to go, nonviolent drug offenders made to serve a minimum term for the crimes they committed. Where the phrase “if you do the crime, you do the time” held a lot of truth and the “war on drugs” was just the beginning. But what if it is not so true anymore? What if I told you we have lost the war on drugs? And, what if mandatory minimums were responsible for some of the problems with in our criminal justice system? What was once put…

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  • Mandatory Sentencing In The Criminal Justice System

    system at all levels of authority has numerous problems that it faces and provides equal punishments to those who break the law. When it comes to mandatory sentencing, many people take sides on what is considered fair and unfair. With the number of criminals rising each and every year, the justice system requires a well-balanced process for each individual case. With that being said, mandatory sentences are restrictions placed on judges when it comes to what kinds of punishment they can give to…

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  • Should Minimum Sentencing Be Mandatory

    you are released. You are kept in a 6 by 8 foot cell, which they can keep you locked up in for 21 days straight if they feel like you are a threat to yourself or others. A crime is a crime, but all crimes vary, so why create a law that makes any person caught violating a certain law serve a mandatory sentence. The mandatory minimum sentencing states that anyone caught with any amount, small or large, of a controlled substance in including cocaine, heroin or cannabis must serve a mandatory of 2…

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  • The War On Drugs : Mandatory Minimum Sentencing For Drug Possession And Distribution

    American public reporting that they believed drugs were the most important issue the country faced (Alexander, 2010 p. 49), the Reagan administration announced its war on drugs in 1982. Unlike Nixon’s rhetorical war on drugs, the Reagan administration began creating impactful laws and enforcement mechanisms. Beginning by transferring funds from drug education and drug treatment programs into drug related enforcement mechanisms was only a small indicator of what was to come next. The…

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  • Should Minimum Laws Be Repealed

    quest to reestablish how minimum mandatory sentencing is carried out and in some circumstances, avoided completely. Professor William G. Otis is a law professor at Georgetown University and former federal prosecutor who served as Special Counsel Member to President George H. W. Bush. In a similar tone to Cassell, Otis in his article "Should Mandatory Minimum Laws Be Repealed?" explores the concept of minimum mandatory sentencing from the perspective of the federal legislature’s lack of faith in…

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