Maneuver warfare

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  • Colonel John Boyd Case Study

    John Boyd’s strategy theories were well thought out and have proved to be successful, however, he had to convince those in charge that these changes would be beneficial. One example of this was in 1980 when he gave a briefing to the Marine Amphibious Warfare School about the patterns of conflict. He was able to effectively communicate the value to the instructor, which caused him to change the curriculum for the course. He asked Boyd to help them develop a new tactics manual. The Concepts used later became the marine model for maneuver warfare. 8. It is because of John Boyd’s communication skills that he has become the figure he is today. He was able to demonstrate a need and a solution to those in charge and able to convince them that the solution he was presenting was the right one. Because of this, he has had lasting impacts with the Air Force and the world at large through his OODA loop, and other strategy theories. 9. John Boyd is one of the most influential people in Military history much less Air Force history. He was someone that could take an idea or a concept and turn it into a useful strategy. His Ideas led him to co-developing…

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  • Joint Force Case Study

    The key general capabilities necessary to rebalance the Joint Force 2025 given the current strategic direction and global security environment to ensure Freedom of Maneuver (FOM) in the global commons and dominance within the cyber and space domains. Enhanced capabilities to protect cyber and space domains and synchronized partnered alliances are required to counter threats to these domains. This rebalancing is warranted to maintain a level of readiness that meets the needs of the National…

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  • Steam Engines During The American Civil War

    due to the propulsion that a steam powered engine allowed. Guns were also allowed to grow in size with the increased mobility of naval warships and the need to penetrate thicker armor. With all of the advantages that steam powered engines offered, the drawback was that it made the ships completely dependent upon fuel. This led to the rise of forward operating naval stations that could function as refueling depots for patrolling ships. During the American Civil War, the navies of the North…

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  • Castro Foreign Affairs

    would contain it at any cost and be resolute in “defending freedom from its hour of maximum danger.” We heard you and set out to support your wishes. We ask that you stand on your promise to “not shrink from this responsibility” as the President of the United States and embrace it to the finish. To this end, we have proposed several alternatives for your swift consideration. Option 1. Economic pressure. We would engage in economic warfare with Cuba. This option would necessitate the use of…

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  • Irregular Warfare: The Iraq War

    Critics and pundits considered the Iraq War a success. However, in the beginning of the war from 2003 to 2006, military leaders were criticized for not achieving any gains against enemies in Iraq. Iraq proved to be just as challenging as Vietnam, where our enemies resorted to irregular warfare. Irregular warfare is defined as a violent struggle among state and non-state actors for legitimacy and influence over a specific population. Irregular threats include actors who employ methods such as…

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  • Essay On The Blitzkrieg

    Throughout the history of man, all wars were fought by men and the equipment they utilized. Since its introduction on the European battlefields of World War One, “armored units” or “panzers” have broken the deadlock of trench warfare and forced other ground-based elements to adapt to and utilize its implementation. It wasn’t until the Second World War that Panzers were fully utilized on the battlefield, primarily by the German Wehrmacht and SS. The Germans themselves were some of the fiercest…

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  • Essay On Landpower

    Landpower is the most versatile and flexible of the various elements of military power. These concepts, coupled with landpower’s recognized interdependency on the other elements of military power, explain the extraordinary jointness of the American way of conducting land warfare. This interdependence and jointness are the keys to understanding what landpower is both well suited for, and ill-suited to accomplish. It also informs not only how the U.S. Army and Marines organized to fight in the…

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  • Why Was The Battle Of The Somme Significance

    resources only managed a handful. On April 9 1917 on the first day of the Battle of Arras significant gains were made. For example, Vimy Ridge was captured by the Canadians and in places the British advanced up to three and a half miles. It was a clear telling of the lessons learnt at the Battle of the Somme. By the time Germany had launched their own offensives at the Somme on August 9th 1918, they were facing an effective, hardnosed efficient army. British and Imperial forces’ skills were…

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  • Impact Of The Vietnam War On The 20th Century

    How the Vietnam War had an Impact on the 20th Century The Vietnam War escalated from a Vietnamese civil war into a limited international conflict in which the U.S was deeply involved. The Vietnam War was fought in South Vietnam between government forces, which were aided by the U.S, and guerrilla forces, which were aided by the North Vietnamese. Despite increased American military involvement and signed peace agreements in 1973, the Vietnam War did not end until North Vietnam successfully…

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  • The Things They Carried Bravery Character Analysis

    Characters in The Things They Carried all earn respect from their bravery throughout the Vietnam War, but bravery is not something easy to have. Soldiers took a lot of sacrifices to be able to be considered brave. Tim O’Brien proves that life as a soldier is extremely difficult. Characters in The Things They Carried endured harsh conditions and required a long effort to be attributed as “brave”. Curt Lemon, Ted Lavender, Norman Bowker, and Kiowa each had great patriotism to sacrifice their…

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