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  • Thiel Public Safety

    Sandra van Thiel is a Professor of Public Management and Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Her book Research Methods in Public Administration and Public Safety, is a breakdown of how to conduct research within this specified field of study. This week, chapters 1 through 5 were assigned. Chapter 1, Research in public administration, discusses the uniqueness of research in public administration. Chapter 2, the research problem, goes over the process of choosing and formulating the research problem. Chapter 3, Theoretical framework, explains the empirical cycle and what theory is. Chapter 4, Operationalization, covers the three steps to operationalization, and how it builds off of the theoretical construct. The final chapter, chapter…

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  • Regina Police Service Mission Statement

    Interview Assignment Introduction The Regina Police Service (RPS) has illustrated its commitment to the public in it’s mission, vision and value statements. The Regina Police Service’s mission statement is public service first. This can be seen in many of the service’s units, including the victim service unit. The vision statement of RPS is “Working together to keep Regina Safe” (Regina Police Service, n.d.). The RPS website goes into greater detail as to their explanation of the vision…

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  • Public Safety And Insurance Essay

    Insurance and the Need for Public Safety The idea behind insurance is, it is necessary for the protection of an individual against any or all forms of financial loss. In other terms it acts as a safety net with a contributory attribute to the overall lifestyle and economic health of our social construct or society. In the midst of a crisis or an accident, the role insurance plays is as a financial resource that aids in diminishing the burdens that result from the crisis or accident. Since a…

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  • Town Hall Meeting Research Paper

    week of Thanksgiving and the mayor was giving thanks to the village and his board members. The mayor felt that the village benefited by the volunteer work that happens in the community and that it brings the community for unified and stringer at the same time. Then, the public was given the chance to ask any questions or concerns about the community; furthermore, there was no public commentary. The room wasn’t packed as much since it was a week during Thanksgiving that the meeting was being…

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  • The Dirty Harry Problem: The Future Of Policing

    emerged around the same time James Wilson and George Kelling (1982) proposed the “Broken Windows” theory linking seemingly insignificant public disorder and incivility to subsequent occurrences of serious and violent crime, a major implication of the community era’s organizational strategy. The theory proposed that if a window in a building is broken and goes unrepaired, the rest of the windows are not far behind and soon the entire building has become decrepit. The window is a metaphor and the…

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  • Ethical Issues In Emergency Management

    protect the interest of the patient. One may be able to intervene but does not, thus causing more injury to the patient than necessary. To say an innocent bystander has the obligation to always get involved is a slippery slope, however common decency and the understanding that most would expect someone to help them in a time of need is justification enough for anyone to get involved during an emergency situation. Local attorneys and emergency managers share many common interests. Both want the…

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  • Corruption, Bribery And Public Safety

    To have a better understanding of the topic I am writing about, I will explain the definitions of corruption, bribery and public safety. What is Corruption? Transparency International defines corruption as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain . This means that people with entrusted power in a country (government officers, finance ministers, senior officials) abuse their power and make private deals for money to use for themselves rather than for the betterment of society. Corruption…

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  • Public Safety Case Study

    Around approximately 2:16 AM on Wednesday, March 8th Residence Hall Director (RHD) on call Tay Richardson received a call from Public Safety. Public Safety informed RHD Richardson that a resident Adrian Mcafee (am4407) from McBain 501 had made another "attempt" and taken 10 Benadryl. Public Safety also informed RHD Richardson that the resident's mother had called to inform them. Public Safety shared that there were already officers on scene. RHD Richardson informed Public Safety that they…

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  • Role Of Disaster Management Cycle

    1. Figure 1 represents the disaster management cycle as it is generally conceived. Describe the preparedness and emergency response portions of the cycle and explaining important concern of yours and how it could be addressed in different phases of the disaster cycle. The Disaster Management Cycle is generally understood to be comprised of four cyclical components. These four deeply interrelated and symbiotic components include Preparation, Response, Reconstruction or Recovery, and Prevention…

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  • Impact Of Policies

    Impact of Policies Policies can have significant effects on the public services, the government can create new laws that affect all the public services such as the armed services and also it will affect all the emergency services. Human rights – the public services have a lot of control over our lives as they have the power to take our independence away and also to investigate our private lives, they can use the information they find against us. However, in order for these powers to be…

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