Geriatric Interview Essay

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For the geriatric interview, I interviewed my grandmother, Minnie. She is 85 years old, widowed, and lives alone. Overall, she is in good health. Her medical history is pretty fair for her age. She takes daily vitamins and one pill for hypertension. Although she has prescribed iron medication, she choses not to take them as directed. Her psychological well being is intact. She is more than capable of taking care of herself and making appropriate decisions. My grandmother’s psychosocial history is strong. All of her children live close to her and visit often. She is very active in the church. She is loved by plenty and stays on the go with her friends. She attends Bingo every week on Tuesday and Thursday. She travels frequently with her retirement group. I firmly believe that the ample support she receives from those around her contributes to her being …show more content…
I feel as though they often neglect their health by being overwhelmed with daily stressors and/or the fear of the end being near. Physical therapy is very important and necessary for the elderly. We all know that as we age our body slows down and our joints can become stiffer. This is why it is critical that we keep our geriatric population active to decrease the chances of injury and maintain mobility.
In my journey of becoming a physical therapist, I also inspire to become a geriatric care specialist. I will aim to educate my geriatric patients on the importance of remaining active and its benefits, physically and mentally. I will also express that the positive influence geriatrics receive from those around them uplifts them to have something to live for. My ultimate goal is to encourage the geriatric population that age is nothing but a number and old is just word. With the proper exercise and psychosocial support, they will be able to live happy, healthier, and fulfilling lives like they

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