Case Study: Savanna Georgia

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Savanna Georgia was founded by James Oglethorpe in 1733. It is George's oldest settlement and one of the first planned cities in America. Designed by Oglethorpe so that each family's property faced a public square which were then created to be small semi tropical parks. Today Savannah is one of the most beautiful cities in the south. Famous for her gardens, squares, and historical downtown district making tourism an essential element of savannas economy. Savannah's tourists come from all over, get hungry, eat at Savannah's restaurants, and some even open restaurants of their own. In the past several years Savannah has had a thriving restaurant culture. There are some well-known places to eat, some local traditions, and some hidden gems. …show more content…
Try the barbecue chicken or fried catfish with sides like corn pudding or collard greens. The array of sides is extensive. This is food like your grandma made. Offering everything from salads and sandwiches to meatloaf, Sweet Potatoes is sure to satisfy your appetite. "Never seen so many tasty sides to choose from." says Nancy L. of Savannah …show more content…
The late night crowd tends to be young and trendy looking for their unique specialty martinis such as the pineapple upside down martini. You will find Lulus in the City Market area. It is recommended that you have desert first at Lulu’s. Of Savannah’s restaurants, this is suppose to be the sweetest one.

Joes Homemade Café, Bakery and Catering
Joe's homemade café, bakery and catering located in the area of Midtown known as restaurant Row, this Eaterie features fresh and organic ingredients in it's lunch salads, sandwiches, and breads. The menu has Paninis named after Savannah's squares.

The Grey Restaurant
Johno Marisano and Chef Mashama share a viewpoint on delicious food. They built the Grey in a 1938 Art Deco greyhound bus terminal they restored to its original look. The Grey offers food, wine, and service that are of the highest standards. Chef Mashama uses regional produce, seafood, and meats to create dishes that satisfy yet transport one to a destination of old world hospitality and deep layered soulful tastes. "Eating at the Grey is truly out of this world soul food." Pearl B. of Dayton,

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