Georgia Voter Participation And Voter Turnout Essay

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Georgia voter participation and voter turnout have varied over the years. Georgia is one of the strongest opening states to require a picture ID to cast an in person ballot and make it count. Nevertheless, photo ID is not commanded to cast an absentee ticket in Georgia. A number of residents of Georgia strongly supported the voter ID law to attack fraud during the election process. On the other hand, some labeled it a Jim Crow-era that would suppress the minority votes. Georgia offered all residents of the state a free picture ID if they needed one. Briefly, after the bill was passed records from the Secretary of State’s office documented that 26,506 residents received free picture IDs. Participation between blacks and Hispanics increased from 2006 to 2010 and their population grew within this time period. The African American voters’ participation expanded by 44 percent and Hispanics by 67 percent during that time frame, as well. Also, whites voter turnout increased by 12 percent. For example, in the 2008 Presidential election, when Barak Obama was running for office, the African American turnout expanded in Georgia. Overall, the entire state ranked number thirty three the 2012 presidential election voter turnout. Importanat to point out, Georgia’s large number of different politics interest groups in its state; additionally, there are a few that really stand out. Georgia’s African American churches have a lenthy history of political participation, containing a crucial…

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