Race and ethnicity in the United States Census

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  • Hispanic Self Identification

    Every ten years the U.S. government issues the decennial census which collects data about the actual count of people residing in the United States. The census contains questions pertaining to race and ethnicity, and these items are collected as self-identification items. When self-identifying on the census, respondents must choose the race or the races…

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  • School Victimization

    students per our survey were required to respond by telling us if they were a victim of the above-mentioned crimes at school by either stating “never,” “maybe once or twice,” or “more than twice”. Journal of Criminology (2013) states that dichotomizing school-based victimization data is a common practice because incident…

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  • How Does Race Shape American Culture

    The power of race and the beauty of ethnicity has shaped and developed America into the influential nation it is today. As the child of two immigrants from Poland, I can define myself as Caucasian and 100% Polish America with roots that stem back to Rzeszow and Wiesbieza, Poland. In an era of multicultural inspiration and education, interpersonal treatment of my own race and ethnicity can be my roots, I can easily identify myself with other Polish Americans through analyzing the representation,…

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  • Mistakes In History

    to form the America of today. History teaches people about those mistakes and how our past generations overcame those trials. Due to the knowledge of history, America is quickly advancing in industrialization and technology. Howard Zinn’s “A People 's History of The United States (1492-PRESENT)” has a variety of chapters explaining the timeline of American progress. Zinn’s chapters were titled after his points of focus and what he wanted to present to his…

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  • Mexican American Food Research Paper

    On a daily basis, food is a huge part of our life, (where) wondering what to eat (constantly) fills our thoughts. In modern culture, we have the ability to choose from a plethora of options, whether we feel more like (it is) Chinese or Italian food. In the western world, we are blessed with these options from (due to) the mass immigrations in past generations and the hybrid cuisines of new people coming in today. Although immigration has allowed us to be introduced to foreign cuisine, the…

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  • Closing The Telenovela's Tidy Nation Analysis

    a picture wearing the hat in order for them to be able to impersonate the “exotic” Latina. A further example of the oversimplification of Latino is in the movie West Side Story: the actress that plays Maria, the innocent Puerto Rican girl, in real life was Natalie Wood, the daughter of Russian immigrants (Williams). Natalie was raised as White, non-Latino. Yet in the movie Natalie Wood can be heard performing with a fake Latina accent, producing an exaggerated rolled ‘r’ sound when pronouncing…

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  • Discrimination In The Late 1800s

    generally been Caucasians. Despite being a nation of immigrants, when people of different races such as Asian, Hispanics, or anything that isn’t Caucasians is involved, they are most likely going to be discriminated against simply for being different during those time. Presently, most people have come to understand more about the different sorts of race and ethnicity but not everyone decides to change their ways..Most of the time, people are discriminated based on their looks, abilities, or even…

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  • Racism In The Workforce

    Racism in the Workforce Many people today go to work to make money for their family or themselves. Going to work can sometimes relate from going to high school when dealing with other types of people because of all the diversity. Bullying then occurs because of the certain type of race or culture and this happens everywhere. The workforce will have racist folks because that’s how imbalance the system is in America. Everyone intends to talk about each other’s characteristics based on simple…

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  • White Privileges In American Culture

    In the modern age, we are taught that all people are equal and every person, no matter their race or gender are awarded the same privileges. Is this in fact really true? Many people seem to get a little shaky on the topic of privilege and race. When a black man speaks about the injustices against his people the majority of this country are unable to empathize due to the fact that they can never step foot in their shoes. Privileges are defined by the people who have them. White America has…

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  • Cabramatta Case Study Australia

    were widely evident in Sydney as individuals of an Asian ethnicity or race were constantly abused and shunned by the wider community. Dixon & Maher (2002) discovered the abusive treatment some individuals would receive from the police department because they were involved in the Cabramatta drug ring or suspected to be, for instance, individuals as young as fourteen would forcibly…

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