Racism In The Workforce

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Racism in the Workforce Many people today go to work to make money for their family or themselves. Going to work can sometimes relate from going to high school when dealing with other types of people because of all the diversity. Bullying then occurs because of the certain type of race or culture and this happens everywhere. The workforce will have racist folks because that’s how imbalance the system is in America. Everyone intends to talk about each other’s characteristics based on simple observations, especially at work. My research concludes that the overpopulated ethnicity in that particular workforce treats other races differently because of their differences, education, and background.
The inequality that the diverse people get is
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“Blacks and Hispanics, who make up about one-quarter of the workforce, represent 44 percent of the country 's high school dropouts”(Thompson 1). Not just that they have a lower education but they also work harder than most Americans. The other races other than white does not get acknowledged as much. They get pay less than what they are supposed to make, but they don’t know that and the white managers take advantage of their lesser knowledge. They don’t just get taken an advantage of but also discriminated in which breaks Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. “Hispanics, for example, account for about 15 percent of all jobs, but a whopping 36 percent of all high school dropouts. They make up about half of all farm workers and laborers, 44 percent of grounds maintenance workers, and 43 percent of maids and house cleaners”(1). Hispanics mainly get the crappy jobs while Americans get the high paying jobs such as “nearly all farm managers and ranchers (96 percent), construction managers (92 percent), carpenters (91 percent), and CEOs (90 percent)”(1). The difference between the two are high and it’s not only Hispanics that are having the bad jobs, but other nationalities too. “Blacks, who make up just 11 percent of the workforce, account for more than a third of home health aides and about 25 percent of both security guards and bus drivers—rather low paying …show more content…
Blacks started in this country as poor slaves and has risen up to become one of our presidents! “Many whites disliked it when the United States of America elected a black president”(Redlawsk 1). Since the violent times of the 60s African Americans have made progress and improved their situation in every part of American life. “The largest cities, including New York, Chicago and Los Angeles have had Black mayors. Colin Powel and Condoleezza Rice were two African Americans who became Secretary of State, and in 2009 Barack Obama became the first African American President of the United States”(1). Whites are to have narcissism, dichotomous thinking, and moral blindness when it comes to seeing other races. “Some Americans are said to be raised on viewing how life used to be when blacks were slaves and following their orders”(1). Caucasians can’t help to see the equality blacks and any other race have with them when they use to see them lower than whites. They seem to have that grudge that they hold within themselves to being greedy about why they think they are the top race.
The results of my conclusion displays that the dominant nationality in that particular personnel evaluates other races negatively because of their disparity, experience, and history. The first racist activity will be from the racist’s examination of the others’ skin color, breed,

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