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  • Race Riots

    sit-ins, protests, rallies, marches, and in some instances, riots. Whenever a race riot does occur, people frantically ask about whether it is justified or if it is the right thing to be doing. However, when looking at the fact that race riots are never random incidents, are these really the questions we should be asking? I believe that in the event of a race riot people focus on the event itself and ignore the real problems that led to the riot in the first place,…

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  • Worst Race Riots Essay

    Ben Torres Ms.Kasey Davis Col Prep English 6 April 2017 The Worst Race Riot in US History More than 20 years ago, my father, Danny Torres, was a member of the Los Angeles Police Department and he experienced firsthand what the Los Angeles riots were all about in 1992. When he got out of high school, my father enlisted in the United States Army. During his military service he was stationed in Panama , and many other places all over the world. July of 1989, he married his high school…

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  • The Vancouver Hockey Riot Case Study

    If you were to google pictures of “war zone” and then google again “riots” you would see a lot of similarities between the images: fire, destruction, debris, thick plumes of smoke. These images will give you a good idea as to what transpired and the eventual aftermath, in the evening of the Vancouver Hockey Riot. Some would argue a series of unfortunate events, such as inadequate planning, closing liquor stores early that day, and allowing overcrowding of downtown Vancouver. However what really…

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  • The Effects Of The Tulsa Race Riots

    Although there have been many efforts and legislations passed to end racial disputes, none have truly passed the test, as racial altercations have been an issue since the 1800’s and continues to still be a problem today. Honorable individuals such as Martin Luther King, Thurgood Marshall, and even Rosa Parks, just to name a few, have all done their parts in trying to raise awareness to end racism in the states. One of the more prestigious racial riots is the one that blew up in Ferguson,…

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  • An Example Of A Timeline: Baltimore Riots

    Berlinger, Joshua. "Baltimore Riots: A Timeline." CNN. Cable News Network, 28 Apr. 2015. Web. 12 Apr. 2016. Freddie Gray, 25 years old, was being transported in a police van after being charged with possession of an illegal switchblade. He was beaten by police while being transported to the prison, leaving him in a coma where he later died from his injuries. In the wake of Freddie Gray’s funeral riots broke out in Baltimore, buildings were looted and burned down, and rioters threw glass bottles…

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  • Stonewall Riots

    The early morning hours on June 28th 1969 marked the beginning of a new era for the gay rights movement. The Stonewall Inn, at the time one of the few establishments that openly welcomed the gay demographic, was raided by the police. Subsequently, a riot erupted amongst the arrested crowd – the first time that the gay population had protested a police raid. The incident incited several more violent demonstrations in the following days, which have been famously dubbed as the Stonewall riots. The…

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  • The Stonewall Riots

    Based on the events of the 1969 Stonewall riots is the film, Stonewall. The movie focusses on fictional Danny Irvine, a gay Caucasian youth who leaves his conservative Indiana countryside for New York City. In the weeks leading up to the riot, he meets and befriends a group of LGBTQ youth. Danny is shown the rough lifestyle of theft and hustling of these street kids as well as the realities of police raids and the brutality of their bigotry. In the process, he learns more about LGBTQ culture…

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  • Essay On The Stonewall Riot

    Before June 28, 1969, homosexual acts between consenting adults were illegal in all fifty states of America, which was reported in the article “The Stonewall Riots: June 28, 1969” (“The Stonewall Riots”). The Stonewall Inn is a gay bar in New York City. In 1969, it had no liquor license and held refuge for gay men and transvestites against the prejudiced police and laws. The laws were made to specifically On June 28th, these police raided Stonewall, which was not uncommon. But that night, for…

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  • Stonewall Riots Research Paper

    Stonewall Riots The prominent philosopher Slavoj Zizek breaks down the standard definition of violence into a two-part cause and effect system. In his novel, Violence, he categorizes violence as either being “subjective”, i.e. the more physical and literal examples of violence, such as murder, riots, and similar acts, or “objective”, the systematic or metaphorical violence that has caused the subjective violence, such as systematic oppression by the government or similar controlling bodies. The…

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  • Los Angeles Riots Analysis

    In April 29,1992 The Los Angeles Riots were known as the Rodney King Riots but the riots were a series of riots, lootings, arsons, and civil disturbance and that occurred in Los Angeles County, California, in 1992. The Riots began in The South Central Los Angeles which had spread out into different areas over a six-day period time with Los Angeles metropolitan area in California , beginning in April 1992. The Riots Began in April 19, 1992 After a Trial was over because the jury acquitted to four…

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