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  • Zoot Suit Riots: Music Analysis

    influences from each other and create their own subculture through music, dancing and style5.¬¬ And yet in the mid of Chavez Ravine and Alpine Street, a “Naval Reserve Armory” filled with patriotic, young, white sailors was built. Tension was expected. The Zoot Suit Riots took place at of the dancing clubs in downtown Los Angeles, where minority youth dominated. And in these dancing clubs, there was a particular genre of music being play and dance to by the attendees, the Pachuco Boogie. Jazz and Big Band Swing were popular musical genres, and because of their close geographical proximity, these urban youth mixed cultures together to form a subculture known as “pachuco.”6 within Mexican American and African American or as what Whites referred to as “delinquents.” In this Pachuco subculture, minority, mostly Mexican American, can behave as freely as they want. They can wear their eccentric clothing, listen to certain type of music, and communicate in their own set of language, the Calo7. Back to music, the Pachuco Boogie is a mixed of rhythms of jazz, boogie, and blue. accompany with lyrics in Spanish and the Pachuco’s slang, Calo. One of the more famous examples of this genre of music is the song “Chicas Patas Boogie” by Lale Guerrero. The song “Chicas Patas Boogie” may have become associated with the youth subculture of Mexican American and African American that came under attack during the Zoot Suit Riots because it belongs to the genre Pachucho Boogie and the people…

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  • The Importance Of Traditions In American Culture

    everyone was eager to forsake their culture and traditions. Generally, if immigrants do not assimilate, they continue their traditions, blend their original traditions with the new one, or create an all new culture. The latter was adopted by the pachucos and pachucas of the 1940s in Los Angeles. Pachucas, in particular, faced issues with sexism, racism, classism, and heterosexism. They were despised by both American and Mexican communities by their way of dress and their way of life.…

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  • Tame A Wild Tongue Analysis

    a symbol for Chicanos and then defending them, the author is able to express her feelings more strongly and get her point across to the audience. Another example of symbolism in Anzaldua’s writing is when she mentions the Pachuco’s language as a form of spanish. By incorporating the symbol of a “Pachuco” and “zoot suit” the audience can derive conclusions from the zoot suit 's cultural and political meaning based on a time when Mexican Americans wore them as a symbol of cultural pride and…

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  • Los Vendidos Analysis

    Los Vendidos The play written by Luis Valdez, Los Vendidos, an interpretation of how American people see Mexican Americans is played through a drama. A secretary from Governor Reagan, Miss Jimenez, comes to a shop in hopes of finding a Mexican to bring to a gathering to create diversity in the crowd. The “shop” owner, Honest Sancho, is a business man trying to sell these Mexican Americans. Miss Jimenez is looking for a Mexican who is perfect. While Sancho is trying to help find the perfect…

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  • Pachuco And Henry In The Zoot Suit Play

    Choose your friends wisely because they could be your fortune, or your downfall. In the Mass Arrest, the police arrests the Zoot Suit “gang” during the dance for the Sleepy Lagoon incident where Henry Rena and his friends were accused of murdering José. While situated in jail, the Pachuco tells Henry to not give up and fight back for his friends and family. In the Zoot Suit play, it shows a conversation between Pachuco and Henry, “Pachuco: Forget the war overseas, carnal! Your war is on the…

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  • El Pachuco: An Analysis Of El Pachuco's Conscience

    I think that el pachuco was a conscience of henry and i will show you some examples.el pachuco was bing his conscience because in class we sall that el pachuco gave henry a switch blade because el pachuco wanted to protect himself and not get hurt and win he took it there was a knife battle but no one die. Including what most of the other friend commented, I believe El Pachuco to be many things, most significantly as Henry’s conscience and his alter ego, but also as an omniscient narrator…

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  • Chicano Theater Scenes In Zoot Suit, By Luis Valdez

    According to Kinan Valdez the characters also used the concepts of actos by activating the spine, cultivating the heart, teaching to learn, opening the mind and serving social justice within the play. “Zoot Suit” brings together the unforgettable characters such as the mocking El Pachuco and the charismatic Henry Reyna, a gullible gang leader who finds himself caught in the middle of the racially raging events that astounded Los Angeles during the early 1940s. For example, “Zoot Suit” used the…

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  • Essay On The Zoot Suit Riots

    The zoot suit riots were a sequence of many different racial bursts that occurred between Mexican Americans and American servicemen in Los Angeles, California. These attacks developed in this area throughout the early 1940’s.Before all of the many American’s started coming to live in the Los Angeles area, Mexican Americans “Zoot Suit Riots” take their name from the high-waisted wool trousers and baggy, long-tailed suit coats then worn by many Los Angeles youths, but the violence was more about…

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  • Symbolism In The Farmworker In Los Vendidos By Valdez

    switchblade and swings at SECRETARY. SECRETARY screams.) He dances. (Snap.)” (44). Johnny can dance yet will be involved in knife fight, can sing, but also uses a profound amount of vulgar language. He commits crimes but is an scapegoat for any crime he didn’t commit. Valdez then goes on to compare Pacho to a low rider car, painting an image of the person he is in the American eyes. While the farmworker portrays the common hard working, loyal laborer seeking employment in the American workplace,…

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  • Essay On Chicano Music

    including different sounds of music together, the issue with identity was still present. Blending social, cultural, and political history was shown throughout the music. Chicano bands like the Brat, Odd Squad, and the Plugs had an influenced by the 1950’s style of music. The songs these bands expressed were speaking to the youth’s frustration and the feeling of hostility in the Unites States. As history repeats it’s self-new imagine of “pachucos” were consider as “cholo”. The youth of the cholo…

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