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  • The Security Challenges Of SDN And The Traditional Network

    An attacker can find out the action taken by the switch on a specific packet (Drop, forward, or send it to the controller) by doing processing time analysis. Having discovered the action, the attacker can easily craft such a packet that will be forwarded to the controller. It could lead to DDoS attack on the SDN controller~cite{Scott2015}. Misconfiguration of the policies could be an issue in SDN. These policies are updated continuously as new security threats are detected. If there is inconsistency in network or security policies, it can open network to potential vulnerabilities and attacks. Currently, there is no protection from such misconfiguration of policies in Overflow. Another concern for the SDN is system level security. It should be able to provide network audit all the time (e.g. which devices are up or down, network state etc). It can be a challenging task. For example, Overflow…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 1 Network Security Research Paper

    detection systems are used to monitor network traffic and implement network security policies. Research these technologies and determine how they are similar and how they differ. Are both needed? Explain your answer in a short paper. Firewall From a definition standpoint, a firewall is a hardware or software used in a networked environment to block unauthorized access by individuals while permitting authorized communications to and from the user. The firewall is often seen as a filtering wall…

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  • Ipv6 Business Analysis

    The operation of IPSec has two main steps: first, the transmission node and the destination node must use IKE (Internet Key Exchange) to establish a secure connection (Security Associations); second, the packet will be encrypted by symmetric key encryption algorithms. IPSec has two implementation modes: AH (Authentication Header) and ESP (Encapsulating Security Payload), AH packet is used to confirm the integrity and non-repudiation, ESP packet is used for authentication and encryption. (Cisco…

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  • Pros And Cons Of PUR Packet

    PUR Packets are used to filter water for people who do not have access to clean drinking water. They work by recreating water power plants in a smaller scale, this has both positive and negative impacts on the four compass points. This report will explain how the PUR Packet is a realistic and possibly good solution to our world’s water problem. According to Dr. Greg Allgood PUR Packet turns contaminated water into safe drinking water. It does this by going through a similar process to…

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  • Packet Questions On Friendship And Relationships

    Packet Question #31 If you and a close friend were attracted to each other and neither of you were involved with anyone else, how do you think it would impact your friendship if you decide to become a couple? Explain your answer. If me and a close friend were attracted to each other and were both not involved with anyone else, and decided to become a couple, I think that it would be a little awkward at first, because we would probably make jokes about kissing, or talking about relationship…

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  • Outdated Airbear Network: A Common Struggle At Baylor University

    A common struggle every student faces at Baylor University is the slow, outdated AirBear network. Whether it be the inability to print a document or simply just accessing the internet, AirBear is extremely unreliable. While an ultimate fix to the problem seems unclear, the solution is actually quite simple: upgrade the network. For a total cost of $999, Baylor can implement gigabit internet routers at key locations across campus, providing students with faster speeds and a higher capacity to…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 9 Assignment 1 Network Packet

    Alejandro Carriegos 9/1/2015 Network Layer The main purpose of the network layer packet is connecting with the destination; it must be familiar with the topology subnet and choose the appropriate paths through it. When the source and destination are on different networks, the network layer (IP), have to deal with these differences. The services provided by the network layer should be independent of the topology subnet. The transport layer must be protected in the number, type, and topology of…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 7 Exercise 1 Solutions Essay

    memory to infinite cannot control congestion because even if routers have an infinite amount of memory, congestion gets worse, because by the time packets reach to the front of the queue, they have already timed out (repeatedly), and duplicates have been sent. 2. Flow Control vs Congestion Control It ensures that the sender only sends what the receiver can handle. The congestion control makes sure that everyone across a network has a "fair" amount of access to network resources, at any given…

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  • 5 Points) Compare And Contrast The Three Types Of Addresses Used In A Network

    1. (5 points) Compare and contrast the three types of addresses used in a network. Application layer – A port is assigned to an application for direct routing of incoming and or outgoing data. Network layer – IP addresses are assigned to each individual computer. The IP addresses can change and are often assigned by the DHCP server. Data link layer – Mac Addresses are used to identify which hardware is the sender and which is the receiver. All hardware items have a MAC address. For example:…

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  • Zigbee Attack Essay

    packets. This will drain the battery of the Zigbee module and can be used to disable the device [9]. The second and most overlooked attack is a physical attack on the actual Zigbee device. Zigbee devices are not very secure. They often store the network key information in plain text without encryption or password protection. Simple AT commands can often be used to retrieve this information if the device is physically accessible. All Zigbee devices in the network have access to the encryption…

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