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  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Research Papers

    should sleep on a firm mattress and that beddings should not be fluff since such beddings are likely to interfere with the infant’s breathing. In addition, pillows, fluffy toys, bumper pads and stuffed animals should not be placed inside the crib or cot. Hunt (2007) also recommends the use of a pacifier as a preventive measure against SIDS. Studies have affirmed that sucking a pacifier during sleep time lessens SIDS risk. According to a meta-analysis by Lavezzi, Corna M, & Matturri (2010), several studies recommended pacifier use. Lavezzi, Corna M, & Matturri (2010) assert pacifier use reduces SIDS risk despite the fact that the underlying mode of action is still unclear. However, SIDS policy makers and experts have not advocated for pacifier use because of a number of risks associated with oral colonization, gastrointestinal infections, and otitis (Task Force on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, 2005). Nevertheless, a study by Weber et al. (2008) reported that pacifier use reduces SIDS risk by about 90 percent basing on the ambient factors, and also lessened the risk of other risk factors such as suffocation and the baby facing the mattress when sleeping. Weber et al. (2008) asserts that pacifiers help in SIDS risk reduction by altering the sleep patterns. Another preventive measure for SIDS relates to sleep positioning, wherein sleeping on the back reduces SIDS risk. For instance, the onset of the “Back to Sleep” campaign resulted in the substantial reduction in the incidence…

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  • Nursing Research Summary

    none of the other articles developed an extensive education program, each article details nursing interventions to overcome the barriers to breastfeeding preterm infants that support and add to Ahmed’s (2008) findings. None of the articles refute the findings in Ahmed’s (2008) study. Maastrup et al., (2012) and Ahmed (2008) both agreed teaching mothers correct breastfeeding positions and how to pump breast milk were effective interventions. Wheeler (2009) found continual support after hospital…

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  • Our Babies Ourselves Analysis

    and doesn’t help to develop socially. Our neutral emotion state that we are aware of the both our negative and positive thoughts but children can’t be aware when they are psychological disorder. When infants are sick we try to feed them more to help them physically active. This is evidence by the fact vulnerabilities protected in cultures mentioned in the article. Such as, Gusii mothers feed and hold infants more than ten time which will help to nurture unusually small or sick infants.…

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  • The Importance Of Becoming A Parent

    Becoming a parent is one of the hugest steps to take in life. The responsibilities that come along with having an infant are infinite therefore making the decision to have a child should be carefully thought out. Having a child can transform an individual’s life. Parents are no longer just fulfilling their needs but also their infant’s needs. Parents need to provide their infants with the appropriate tools in life to get them to succeed. Since parents are the most important individuals in an…

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  • Attachment And Attachment Theory

    Able et al. (2001) have conducted research on various sleeping arrangements in different ethnic groups; Pakeha, Maori, Pacific people which include Tongan, Samoan, Cook Islander and Niuean with their infants under 12 month in New Zealand. This essay focuses on the comparison in infant sleeping arrangements among different culture. Moreover, further discussion of attachment theory in which mainly focusing on Ainsworth (1979) research findings and a hypothesis on relationships between maternal…

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  • Mam Pacifier Essay

    Thank you for your question! We have four different pacifier sizes available. These are our MAM Newborn Pacifiers, MAM 0-6 Months Pacifiers, MAM 6+ Months Pacifiers, and MAM 16+ Months Pacifiers. Hi there! Thanks for your question! Our MAM pacifier nipples are orthodontic. They are ideal for baby's oral development. The nipple adapts to baby's mouth so that the pacifier is always in the correct position. Hi there! Thanks for your question! Our MAM pacifier shield is curved, has large air…

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  • Baumrind's Parenting Styles Theory

    Punishment is defined as the opposite of reinforcements it is designed to eliminate a response rather than increase it. The problem with punishment is that it only tells you what not to do. With Thumbelina she only knows not to use her pacifier at school so she will be able to have it at home. This does not stop the behavior or sucking the thumb or pacifier all together it just limits it. The mother should continue to use operant conditioning but use it in a way that shapes Thumbelina’s…

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  • Home Visit Essay

    She offered for me to assist her in working with the child. She apologized for the her one looked and began to prepare his table and chair with therapy tools and snacks. She also put on Elmo, because it creates another distraction for the child. A therapy that was done was making the child feel content with objects approaching his mouth and entering his mouth without gagging. The mom and I did these things repeatedly throughout the 30 minutes of therapy. The mother introduced the applesauce…

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  • Carolyn Witucky: A Short Story

    ” I said. “Aw, hell Carolyn. Why didn’t you tell me that was the exit before we passed it? Aren’t you payin’ any attention?” replied my husband, Steve, who was driving the car. Most people call him “Butch” though. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t sure. We can get back.” Just then white smoke started pouring out from the hood of the car. Butch yelled, “You gotta be kidding me!” We pulled over, got out, and lifted the hood to see what was happening. The smoke billowed out all at once like a caged animal…

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  • The Importance Of Diaper Bags

    off investing in a foldable diaper changing pad in their diaper bag. With these, parents can assure that they will always have a comfy layer between their baby and not-so-sanitary table Nursing cover Depending on a mother's level of comfort breastfeeding in public, a quality nursing cover can be a blessing! You’ll never know when your baby is ready to eat and you won’t always have the privacy of your own home. Luckily, nursing covers are a great way for mothers to comfortably breastfeed in…

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