The Importance Of Becoming A Parent

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Becoming a parent is one of the hugest steps to take in life. The responsibilities that come along with having an infant are infinite therefore making the decision to have a child should be carefully thought out. Having a child can transform an individual’s life. Parents are no longer just fulfilling their needs but also their infant’s needs. Parents need to provide their infants with the appropriate tools in life to get them to succeed. Since parents are the most important individuals in an infant’s life, it is crucial for infants to receive the adequate type of parenting. A parent’s style of parenting is one of the most important determinants to an infant’s positive development.
Parenting is an important process in an infant’s life. It consists
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A parent has the power to offer a child an environment that will enable him or her to grow. Avoiding the use of harmful substances is one of the several strategies a parent can decide on for the wellbeing of their child. One of the many substances that has been proven to be harmful for infants has been smoking. A study conducted across Netherlands has investigated the relationship between postnatal parental smoking and the sudden infant death syndrome. Infant death cases from the age of two years and under were examined. Their study suggested that postnatal parental smoking creates a risk for encountering the sudden infant death syndrome (Liebrechts-Akkerman, Lao, Liu, Van Sleuwen, Engelberts, L’Hoir, Tiemeier, & Kayser, 2011). The study suggested that smoking could be a major factor that may cause a death in a child. Infants are exposed to smoke that their parents generate because they inhale it by being around them while smoking occurs, therefore they are being affected by just being near them. Since smoking can be so harmful to an infant, parents should try to avoid its …show more content…
One of the limitations is the population that is being reflected in each study. Since the studies have been conducted in many different locations, their sample may not predict the same behaviors of infants from other parts of the world. Their sample can reflect the population in where the study was conducted. Different countries have different cultures therefore individuals use different forms of parenting, depending on what they find appropriate and useful within their culture. The other limitation that exists is that every child is different. Some of the methods discussed within the studies might not work for all infants. The theme that one size fits all cannot be applied to all children because there is no unique strategy in which all infants learn equally. Engaging a group of children in the same interaction and providing them with the same amount of information will not guarantee that they will have the same level of knowledge because every infant has a different level of development. In order to provide an infant with the best strategy to enrich their development, parents have to match their infant’s level of development to the right

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