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  • Tpp's Business Model

    Australia has numerous free trade agreements (FTAs) with other countries throughout the world to reduce trade barriers. These currently include countries such as China, South Korea, Japan, Chile, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam and the U.S. Aside from Australia’s FTAs, Australia still manages business with other international countries such as India, Indonesia and other pacific partners. Additionally, Australia is amongst the countries negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) - the biggest regional trade pact ever attempted including twelve pacific rim countries. On February 4th, 2016 the TPP was signed by all twelve members, including Australia. It is yet to be determined how recent elections across the globe will impact whether TPP…

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  • Climate Change In Pacific Rim

    Humanity has tainted Earth with its constant production of carbon emissions. Many people do not acknowledge the effects of carbon emissions on Earth, even though they are clear. In recent years, the frequency of forest fires, hurricanes, and other natural disasters has increased. This increased frequency of natural disasters will inflict mass damage to coastal cities. Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim reflects this observation of climate change by comparing the film’s antagonists to natural…

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  • The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Among 12 Pacific Rim Countries

    I. Introduction and background Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty (TPP) is a trade agreement among 12 Pacific Rim countries. The treaty is signed on February 4, 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand in order to integrate the Asia-Pacific’s economy. The 12 members of TPP include Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Canada, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, the USA and Japan. Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty was initially set on negotiation since 2006 (Tre, 2015). At first, the negotiation to…

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  • Descriptive Essay About A Cruise

    Tossing and turning, I could not sleep the night before our cruise to Ensenada, Mexico. Excitement had gotten the best of me. It was the day of the cruise. We all met 5:30am sharp outside of our friend Aaron’s house. All of us carpooled together in Joey’s car and hit the road to Long Beach, California; where it is the home of the Carnival Corporation’s Long Beach Cruise Terminal. When we arrived we can see all the cruise ships that were departing that day. First we went through the terminals,…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Trans Pacific Partnership

    Before modern day trade agreements for the Pacific Rim countries, there was the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, which was a model for the New Zealand/Singapore Closer Economic Partnership. This led to the making of The Trans Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement. These renowned economic agreement between various countries in the Pacific were the rough drafts for the current trade agreement. The influence of these successful economic strategies pacts leads the Pacific Ocean border…

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  • Pacific Coast Migration Model

    Andre Freire 1. The Pacific Coast Migration Model theory states that hunters and gatherers traveled in boats along the Pacific Coast line and into the Americas. This theory can neither be totally confirmed nor denied because of the rise in sea level and therefore lack of evidence. Although there is no definite proof of this model, seafaring cultures found in the Pacific Rim support that people may have traveled from Asia into the Americas by boat. Another theory on the population of…

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  • Importance Of Trans-Pacific Partnership

    The Trans-pacific Partnership is a trade agreement between 12 countries, the United States, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Chile, and Peru. The purpose of the Trans Pacific Partnership is to deepen economic ties between these nations by reducing tariffs and promote the development of trade. The increase in trade between these nations is aimed at reducing China and India’s dominance it the Pacific Rim. The Trans-Pacific Partnership was not a…

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  • Narrative Essay On Hawaii

    The warm windy breeze blew over the hillside and rustled the lianas of the palm trees. A man stood apart from them. His round face gave the impression of friendliness. His skin was dark from his Polynesian descent and from his time spent outside in his younger days. The dark eyes scanned the beautiful beach and the setting sun. The water reflected the golden light which stretched out as far as the eye could see and the white beach glowed red as the sun’s warm glow burned onto it. Time was…

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  • Negative Effects Of Bottom Trawling

    According to the China Statistical Yearbook of 2013, more than six million tons of catch were generated by China’s 36,744 trawlers [11]. The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture began to invest in the construction of the Beidou fishing vessel position monitoring system (VMS) in 2006. At the end of 2014, more than 60 thousand fishing vessels had been outfitted with VMS. This system provides continuous records to support fishery management. Sixty percent of the trawlers in China are distributed in the…

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  • Relocation Of Japanese Americans Essay

    On the 7th of December in 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The following year, in the middle of February, President Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 that allowed for the relocation of all those living in coastal Washington, Oregon, and California with Japanese ancestry. Those living on the West coast were relocated to desolate places far away from the Pacific Ocean and placed in camps with other Japanese Americans. There were a few reasons for the relocation of Japanese…

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