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    If you 're looking for a unique elephant encounter you 'll find it in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the Elephant Nature Park. This place is an expansive sanctuary and home to many of Thailand 's distressed elephants. They not only save and care for elephants in need, they also rescue dogs and cats. Luckily for us, they 've made it their mission to educate the public about general animal welfare and the torment that many elephants are forced to endure for the tourism industry. Why is that little factoid 'lucky for us ' exactly? They share their park with us to allow us to have an up close elephant encounter in a much more ethical way. They share their stories and spread awareness in the hopes that one day, the elephants won 't face the same troubles in the future. Let 's get into my experience with this park. I should start off by saying that I actually came to Chiang Mai to see this park and meet these elephants, with less than 30,000 Asian Elephants left on the planet I wanted to do my part to learn more about how we can save their species. I was on a mission to meet these beautiful animals in an ethical way. I wasn 't interested in riding them or supporting a company that encourage breeding and wildlife trafficking. This park met all of the requirements for me. I purchased the 'pamper a pachyderm ' package for my excursion. Fun fact, a pachyderm is an animal that is large with thick skin. Anyways back to the story! This tour allowed for me to walk amongst the elephants on…

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