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  • Paradise Lost And Paradise Comparison

    In F.W. Murnau 's TABU on the south Pacific island of Bora-Bora a young couples love is threatened when the tribal warrior chief declares the girl a sacred virgin. The added beauty of this film, apart from the beautiful scenery of the South Pacific islands is the story of a struggle against fate. What we had was a tale of forbidden love, reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet set against the backdrop of the South Sea Island Bora-Bora. One interesting aspect of this film is the use of the word TABU and how it relates to the character of the young man, Matahi, in love with the girl Reri. Once she is chosen as maiden to their sacred gods she is now considered tabu… “man must not touch her or cast upon her the eye of desire.” And yet, Matahi cannot bear…

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  • Decolonization Of Pacific Island Nations Essay

    decolonization may have been the favourable option to the ruling powers, it is evident that it did not reach their expectations. This essay will aim to look at the decolonization of the Pacific Island Nations, including Hawaii who have experienced immense injustice and acts of imperialism from their colonial powers. Captain…

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  • Rural Development In Fiji Case Study

    Fiji, a country and an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean, comprises 333 islands and 522 smaller islets (SPC 2008, p.1). Around 106 of these islands are permanently inhabited with the total estimated population of 900,000 (UNDP 2015). An estimate of 49% of the total population live in the rural areas (UNDP 2015), while around 90% of the population in Fiji live in the coastal lowlands area (Nunn et al. 1993). Fiji has a total land area of 18,274 km2, of which 87% is accounted for the two…

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  • Effects Of Food Security In The South Pacific

    Food Security in the South Pacific: An Annotated Bibliography Silke Groeneweg What are the effects of climate change and subsequent rising sea levels on food production and security of the inhabitants of islands in the South Pacific? In the past few decades, climate change has become a bigger concern for researchers and the public alike. For the inhabitants of small island nations in the South Pacific, there is no issue more pressing or potentially detrimental to their lives. Scientists,…

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  • Relationship Between Climate Change, Migration And Human Health

    spread of disease, resource shortages and a lack of adequate resources. The Western Pacific region is a particularly vulnerable area to climate change and migration; therefore, this problem is analyzed using this region as a lens. Climate Change and its Impacts on Migration and Human Health Climate change is a well-established and supported phenomenon…

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  • Honeymoon Vacation Analysis

    Most of the islands are relatively small and easy to walk all around them with no more than an hour. Luxury hotels are located, each hotel on one whole island! Quite naturally, all the islands are surrounded by coral reefs which are driven waves and winds from reaching threaten and harm them. But outside the lagoon, it’s a whole different story , this is the playground of the elite surfers from all around the world who come to catch waves. Paradise is here … If your idea of paradise is a…

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  • Descriptive Essay About A Cruise

    Tossing and turning, I could not sleep the night before our cruise to Ensenada, Mexico. Excitement had gotten the best of me. It was the day of the cruise. We all met 5:30am sharp outside of our friend Aaron’s house. All of us carpooled together in Joey’s car and hit the road to Long Beach, California; where it is the home of the Carnival Corporation’s Long Beach Cruise Terminal. When we arrived we can see all the cruise ships that were departing that day. First we went through the terminals,…

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  • Bellamy's Ideal Society

    to a society where the struggle for resources ceases to exist. There is no fear of war here, no worries of hunger or homelessness. Wealth inequality has dissolved and society is operating in a state of interdependence; the basic needs of its people are met through cooperation. Capitalism is a thing of the past in Bellamy’s view of 20th century Boston. The consciousness of the society, as well as the world seems to have evolved to include greater health, balanced wealth and more time for love.…

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  • Examples Of Dystopia In 1984 By George Orwell

    If Hitler had a Big Brother… it would be O’Brien The world would be a better place if everyone was happy, if the weather was ideal, if laws were created to reflect the ideal lifestyle. In a utopia, it is thought as a imaginary, and an indefinitely remote place but one person's utopia is another's dystopia (“utopia”). An imaginary place where people lead dehumanized and often fearful lives is a dystopia (“dystopia”).. This is what happens in most cases like in the book of 1984 by George…

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  • Happiness In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

    Nobody is happy. Everybody is only under the illusion that they are happy. Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 examines happiness from a society with government censorship. In this society, the government restricts books from the public and believes that burning books is a source of happiness and equality, turning the public’s attention to entertainment instead of knowledge for pleasure. However, seventeen year old Clarisse McCellan, who others think is crazy and antisocial, asks Montag, “Are you…

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