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  • The Zombie Genre

    The origin of zombie, also known by “zombi” or “zonbi”, according to Christie (2011), Farghaly (2014) and Platts (2013) has its roots tracing back to Haitian folklore of Vodoun (Voodoo or Vodou) magic (Christie 2011, p. 10; Farghaly 2014, p. 8; Platts 2013, p. 549). It is a product of the supernatural, combined with a vague applied science of pharmacology (Farghaly 2014, p. 9). Here, we shall examine the cinematic (North American) version of zombie which is vastly different from its Haitian predecessor. From its humble beginning as a subculture confined to cult classic movies, to its eventual branching out to video games and graphic novels. As well as how the contemporary zombie genre served as an embodiment of our paranoia, its entrance…

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  • Zombie Ethical Dilemmas

    from an impending zombie apocalypse that effect my family and I. However, the assessment of these issues determine whether my family and I live or die. For instance, issues that determine whether it is ethical or not to kill a zombie question my survival, since restraining a zombie would be more difficult. In addition other key issues that affect the survival of my love ones and I include, how to diagnose whether someone is dead and what to do with the infected, whether surviving individually or…

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  • Zombie Geographies

    In Jeff May’s Zombie Geographies and the Undead City, he starts by explaining that “contemporary zombie films mark a geographical move to large urban areas, bringing the zombie masses to the city and foregroundIng urban fears while containing implicit messages about social difference and otherness”(May 286). I found this quote extremely interesting. If I could fast forward time, and somehow be placed in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, I would chose to be in a more rural or even suburban area.…

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  • Ghost Zombie Memo

    The purpose of this memorandum I to address the outbreak of Ghost Zombie Randolph Hall at Miskatonic University at Arkham Massachusetts to President Algernan Black. A ghost Zombie is a dead person that is being back to life through means of witchcraft. Most people including myself are affected by this outbreak. Recent attack, which sitting in the lunch area, I hear a loud noise coming from the classroom behind me. I then turned around seeing a group of a ghost zombie covered with blood chowing…

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  • Personal Essay: The Zombie Apocalypse

    Three days ago, and infectious virus sprung out of nowhere. The news came on, and the news reporter said “ as you can see, the outsiders are showing signs of cannibalism (the act or practice of humans eating the flesh or internal organs of other human beings)at that point, it was announced that the Zombie Apocalypse had started. I’ve met up with multiple people; these are the people I need in order to ensure my survival. I choose Linda Dempsey, Hugo mitchell, Adelia Rotel, Lashawn Jackson,…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Zombie Handout

    ago when the school had a day off in the middle of the week. My friend Marc and I had planned to do the hardest possible thing we thought anyone could do in one of our favorite games, Left 4 Dead 2. The game was about a zombie outbreak where in each level, there were multiple checkpoints, or “safe houses”. The premise of the game was to get past all five checkpoints then to signal a helicopter so your team can escape. But that isn’t what we were going to do. Marc and I wanted to pick up a hidden…

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  • The Rocking Dead: A Zombie Musical Analysis

    The Rocking Dead: A Zombie Musical On November first, 2015 I went to the performance “The Rocking Dead: A Zombie Musical” at Center of the Arts in Coral Springs. Typically I am not the sort of individual to take a seat and appreciate a live musical performance, yet this one was extremely satisfying. Subsequent to the one-hour drive to Coral Springs I was welcomed by a young lady in the entrance of the lobby who was extremely kind and supportive as to where to enter for the musical. After…

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  • Narrative Essay On A Zombie Apocalypse

    Could you ever imagine waking up one day and everything was different? Not being able to be sprawled out in your perfectly good bed each morning, but waking up in various locations for protection. Having to carry some sort of weapon every time you go outside just in case you run into a pack of zombies looking for fresh flesh. This all seemed too much and it was only my first year at Missouri State. A zombie apocalypse was not something I expected from college, especially to be one of the few…

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  • Zombie Encounters Case Study

    Description An addicting first-person zombie shooter with "ONE-HAND commands". Take command of your fate as you deal with the strolling dead in numerous journeys throughout numerous cities! One of the most unsafe as well as managed infection, Ceres has actually been launched in the city because of a surge at the Heckle Corporation's Cell Research Unit. Ceres, recognized to be very infectious has actually caused transforming hosts right into flesh desire, strolling dead - the Zombies, across the…

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  • Zombie Survival Assumptions And Constraints

    Before outlining our proposed strategies for surviving the zombie apocalypse, we first need to discuss zombie physiology: what physical and mental constraints and capabilities they have, what assumptions we can make about their nature, how they perceive their surroundings, and, most importantly, what can kill them. In this discussion, we will rely heavily on the material in the Zombie Survival Assumptions and Constraints handout for this project. Starting at the top of the handout, we know that…

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