The Walking Dead Research Paper

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Zombies today represent much more than what is portrayed in film or books. They all have a deeper meaning that relates to current situations. The main reason zombies are used is because they evoke fear. The fear that is felt while watching the film or reading the book is directly related to something terrible that is happening in the world at that time. Despite many real creatures that are fright inducing to many, a somewhat fictional creature was chosen to portray the character of a monster. Now people seem to be obsessed with the idea of scary creatures that do not exist in real life. Maybe the thought of them being real is interesting, or the fact that knowing they are not real, makes people feel better. The aspects in which the zombie is …show more content…
There are many zombie related things in the world and indulging in any is extremely time consuming. There are countless movies, tv-shows, books, and video games made about zombies. Zombies are technically everywhere and because of the inevitable profit made from zombies, they are not going anywhere until people stop showing interest in them. Therefore, zombies are very important in part of pop culture because people made it so. People spend so much time watching tv-shows, movies, playing video games and reading books about these creatures. The tv-show “The Walking Dead” has been on television for five years and millions of people watch this show. Countless hours have been dedicated into not only viewing the show, but also making it. Although it is entertainment, and people view it mostly as a form of recreation, they could have probably used that time doing something a little bit more productive. For instance, someone can probably learn how to play an instrument if they spent their time doing something other than indulging in the zombie phenomenon. Maybe many people will discover talents they thought they never had, or do something that could directly benefit society such as taking on some charity work. So, that is probably one benefit to not having the concept of the zombie being so

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