Argumentative Essay On The Walking Dead

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Not all shows are what they appear to be. To truly go behind the meaning of some shows, going in depth into the story will reveal its true implication. The Walking Dead is a TV series show in which people are living in an apocalyptic zombie era. This show gives the impression that the zombies are the evil entities, when in reality they are not. The actual foul beings are the humans. The way the people interact with one another during this current apocalyptic crisis is the real issue. Their immoral actions against one another is the true sinful act. Throughout the show the people endure countless challenges which make and break some of them. All of them have blood on their hands and have done things they wish they had not. The chaotic environment in which they are placed in creates an atmosphere of despair and distrust. How people react to this crisis is a roaring topic that has been around for several decades. This show conveys the idea of what would happen to humanity if a crises like this ever broke out.
Throughout the show there are numerous human deaths that are caused by other humans and not zombies. People are regressing back to their natural instants in order to survive. It is kill or be killed in this world they live in. There is
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Is it the people, the government, the laws, or is it freedom. How much freedom? How much government? What is justice? What is social order? These questions are critical in finding what makes a society united, humane, and in order. Individuals should enjoy as much personal freedom as possible, as long as it doesn’t compromise the freedom of others. In The Walking Dead people have total freedom to do as they see fit which creates total tyranny. The main goal for a group of surviving people is to establish a society in which everyone can live in peace and harmony. Throughout the peoples’ journey in search for this place they come across countless struggles in which they are faced with difficult

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