The Crucible Argumentative Essay

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Crucible Argument Essay
People have different perspectives of the importance of life. Some believe there are some things worth dying for in life such as faith, legacy, friends, and family. Some believe that life is too precious to sacrifice. John Proctor believed that his life was worth sacrificing and he chose to die in The Crucible. Though the character of Proctor is often praised for his integrity, is he helping his family by dying? His wife, sons, and unborn child will have to make it in the world without him. This is not an instance that would ultimately be worth dying for. What has John accomplished by dying? It seems as if the Salem witch trials have gotten the better of him and he has given up. Although he may have forgiven
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His death didn’t save anyone. This is why John’s choice to die cannot be justified. In order to fully understand what is worth dying for it is important to also examine what is not worth dying for. Life is a precious gift from God. That is true. That is what makes the sacrifice of one’s life so special. It is an ultimate act of selflessness. However, not anything is worth dying for. Because life is such a precious gift, it should only be given up when

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