Abigail Adams Sacrifice

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Without the people that helped to prosper this country, the United States wouldn't be where it is today. The people that were the founders of this country had to do a lot of work and make a lot of sacrifices, like Abigail Adams when she choose to devote her life to her husband, John Adams, and whatever his life held. Abigail is not recognized much in history but she still did play a big part. It is always important to try to tie scripture with whatever you're doing. The scripture chosen to help introduce Abigail Adams is Mark 8:34-38. Sacrifice shows us things that a lot of people aren't willing to do but only those who are truly loyal will. Understanding the meaning what you're trying to learn is always important. Sacrifice is the act of giving up something important or of value. Other definitions say it is an act of giving up something …show more content…
I think sacrifice needs to be applied in people’s everyday lives to show and help the people around them to see what God really is. I think Mark 8:34-38 needs to be applied more to the people who are already following Jesus so they can become fully dedicated to God and sacrificing things for the good of others. I can apply this scripture specifically to my life by praying to God and asking him to help me figure out what God wants me to to do with my life. I can also pray more to God and ask him for some scripture other than Mark 8:34-38 that can help me see clearly what sacrifice means in the eyes of God. To actually take action and make my life more like how Abigail’s was, I would need to change my ways. I could try to change my ways by thinking more about other people everyday instead of myself and putting other peoples need before mine. God would want a person like Abigail Adams following him because she was willing to give up so much and it would take a lot of work to become a person like her but that’s no reason to

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