Fido And Last Stand Analysis

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The majority of zombie stories are all based off the same idea, that zombies are all one dimensional flesh eating beasts. In Fido and Last stand that is not the case. They are different from the common zombie theme, because the zombies are more affectionate than some humans. Last stand, the zombies wanted to be far away from the humans, but the humans were trying to find and kill them. In Fido, the zombies had to wear a collar to be calm so they would not become the bloodthirsty monsters the humans think they are. Although if the zombies collar is not on the zombie, then the zombie will try to bite and infect the humans.

The movie fido, the zombies were humane, soley because of the collar they were forced to wear. This collar was made so the zombies can be controlled by their owner without any worry of getting eaten. The humans in Fido got used to
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The zombies had their own army, they even had medics and a base. Last stands zombies were described as humans that tried to get as far away from the human vs. zombie fighting. There was not much of a physical apperance differance between the humans and the zombies because a human wanted to team up with Monica and Gareth, the human eventually ambush Monica and Gareth but it backfired on the human. There were slight hints throughout the story that say that Monica is a zombie, but it is not said till the end. The zombies had Commanders, Generals, medics, Liutenent's, and the abilities to plan and imagine are not thought of when a zombie is brought up. Zombies are looked at as one dimensional flesh eating animals but in Last Stand they are portrait more as humans. When Gareth was dying after the ambush, Monica was getting very emotional, which is very un-characteristic for a zombie, and she felt like she now had to take over Gareth's role in thier own war vs. the humans. Monica even gave a motivational speech to all the zombies in her

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