Zombie Apocalypse Research Papers

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Zombies are becoming a very popular choice of what children dress up as on Halloween. People walk around in these costumes not knowing the history of the monster they are portraying. Most people believe that zombies are just a resurrected body. They clearly are ignorant to the fact that zombies were used to keep slaves alive and working for their master. Back in the 17th and 18th century the life of a slave was horrendous. Slaves had a lot to deal with such as famine, cruel discipline and being worked hard. In addition, children starved to death because plantation masters considered them as a waste of space. How can a human being put up with such acts? The cruel truth is the only way to be set free is through death. They believed that it …show more content…
In their eyes, they believed that they would finally be free. Lan guinée is a place where there is no such thing as a sugar plantation. There would be no master to serve in this heaven. So this caused slaves to often commit suicide in the search of freedom. As the number of slaves started withering away, the masters started to go mad. They had to think of a way to keep their slaves from killing themselves and that is how the story of zombies came about. The masters made their slave drivers carry along the story to terrorize the slaves from committing suicide. Instead of dying and going to lan guinée there was now a chance that you could upset Baron Samedi, the one who must transport you to lan guinée, and be stuck as a zombie forever. Not only would slaves be stuck as a zombie, they would be stuck as a living dead slave cutting sugarcane eternally. Though zombies are becoming more mainstream, the history of it will never change. As Amy Wilentz stated in "A Zombie is a Slave Forever" the zombie is scary in different kinds of ways. But the history of a slave is much more scary. Imagine not being able to be in control of your own body. If people knew where the zombies came from they would probably think twice before dressing up as one to go to a costume

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