Nightjohn Themes

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Nightjohn has many things that keep it in grounded in reality, keep it realistic, and most importantly historically accurate. Not each one these have a theme but there are 3 themes that go throughout Nightjohn and that stood out to me personally are. Prejudice, Bravery, and Freedom, Which in my mind are the most important of the themes I saw throughout Nightjohn. Now onto Prejudice, the essay over this theme is based off these questions Is it ever right for one individual to own another, or for one group of people to be denied equal rights because they are different in some way?.

Prejudice was easily one of the main themes in Nightjohn due to white people in the south thinking that black people deserved
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Every single slave wanted to be free that is no question, even if they did help their master discipline their slaves, but there were many a challenge to becoming free. One of the main challenges was literacy and not because they had troubles reading because they could read. Now many slaves wanted to learn. But many didn’t due to many laws restricting them from learning how to read and they would lose a limb or like a thumb or finger. So when Nightjohn came to the plantation, he came in like he was built for trouble but he didn't want trouble at all, all he did was to teach anyone who wanted to be Literate, like Sarney, for example, wanted to learn and did learn everything he knew even after he lost two fingers. But a person like Nightjohn was rare among people he escaped slavery and came back alive and kept teaching people.But the Slave owners hated people like Nightjohn and they hated slaves who could read, and even more for those who taught other slaves how to read so in all slaves wanted to learn but mainly didn’t due to the thought of losing a hand.

In conclusion, we have learned a lot about these 3 main themes Freedom, Prejudice, and Bravery. Which are the 3 main themes that stood out to me in Nightjohn, not just because they were the cause of many issues around slavery. The direct opposite, in fact, they are all together in a cycle which goes like this, Prejudice(which was a cause of slavery) then the want to be freed lead to being brave so Prejudice, freedom, bravery is the cycle. But in the end, we learn that you don’t have to be Nightjohn to make a difference because a little girl like Sarney embarrassed her owner and promptly saved her fellow

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