Importance Of Earth Science

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How Earth Science impacts us
“Science” This is a familiar term to everyone, it is usually connected to experiments, data and individuals in white lab conts. This shows how science plays a very important part at our lives. But what is the purpose of science? The purpose of science is to learn more about our world. To learn what earth is made of, how it started, and how things work. This is the importance of science. One very important part of science is Earth Science, learning about the Earth and beyond. Careers in geology In earth science there are 5 branches, one particular branch is geology, the study of earth, its structure substance, history and processes. Five careers in geology are paleontologists, volcanologists, Engineering geologists, hydrogeologists, and geologists. Paleontologists study prehistoric animals and plants. To learn more about earth’s history using geologic records like fossils. Next volcanologists, which
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Another career is a geologist, one of the more well know ones that study what’s the earth made of. Hydrogeologists study quality, composition and circulation of water for resource and land uses. This is because water is very important to our world. Finally, Engineering geologists that use geology to find out if the ground is stable and to find out the slope of the ground, to make preparations, to construct the building on. They also look for geologic hazards near or on the building site. These are 5 careers in geology. Engineering geologist
One very important, interesting career is an Engineering geologist. The main job of an

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