Description Of A Windshield Survey Essay

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Windshield Survey
A windshield survey was conducted by driving through town and taking notes. The library and public health were visited.
Physical Environment The overall appearance of the town is well kept. The landscape is well groomed. There have been many trees planted. The roads are well maintained. The community is laid out like a rectangle where the two main roads run the length of town parallel to each other on opposite ends of town. The terrain is rolling hills.
Many of the towns home are new since there has been such an influx of population over the past decade. The yards are very small, however there are many parks. The houses have standard city heating and plumbing. There is a large number of apartment buildings. There is one nursing one and one assisted living facility for the elderly.
Underdeveloped Areas No areas of decay were obvious when driving through town. It was noted by a community member that the city keeps everything well maintained due to high levels of income from tax revenue and coal royalties. No areas was recognized to need growth and development. The city has many parks.
Open spaces Open spaces is considered a trademark in Wyoming. The city has put much effort into building parks for the entire community to enjoy in these spaces. There are two walking/bike trails surrounding a manmade built fishing lake. There is a large area devoted to soccer fields, and a newly built national level softball complex with a baseball field…

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