Danielle Racicot: The Life Of Four Wheeling

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At the young age of 14, aspiring sports broadcaster Danielle Racicot went four wheeling for the first time. Her friend took her on a four wheeler for the first time and she goes four wheeling twice every summer.
“There was a moment last summer when we went four-wheeling on my sister and her fiancés property of where they were going to build their house and it was crazy because there were trees and trails everywhere but now it’s all cleared out and they’re going to start building,” said sophomore English major Danielle Racicot.
Danielle is the youngest of three daughters. She has two older sisters; Samantha (22) and Rachael (25). Rachael is a nurse and Samantha works at their town bank. Samantha is also getting married in July 2017. Danielle
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His fondest memory of her was their first date when they went to a Celtics game. “We sat in a suite and watched the game and just enjoyed the night. At the game she met my mom and then afterwards we walked around Boston in the freezing cold and walked near the water and under a bridge. It was just like a date you see in a movie. I got to really know her that night,” her boyfriend explained.
Racicot’s friend Kate Brice, described Racicot as “compassionate.” Brice explained that “She is always willing to go the extra mile to help someone or to make them feel better when they’re having a tough day. She doesn’t have a single bad bone in her body.”
Brice went on to say that she can “count on her to be there for me no matter what it is or when… She is one of the most supportive friends I have.” Racicot is an active member of ACTV (Assumption College Television Club). Racicot explained how she thinks ACTV has helped her “I think it helped me because although I want to be on camera, it’s nice to know how to work with the cameras that are actually filming
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While her mom, Lina Racicot (52) is a recreation department coordinator and a first communion teacher. During the summer, Danielle is working at a summer camp and it is through the recreation department. She works with children from the ages seven through 12.
When she was describing what she does during summer camp, she said “Monday, Wednesday and Friday we are at our high school and we play games there. On Tuesdays we go to our town beach which is just a lake in our town. On Thursdays, we always do a field trip.”
Racicot has spent some time traveling and wants to continue traveling as she continues to pursue her dream of becoming a sports broadcaster and have a family. She has been to the Bahamas, Texas, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Florida and Chicago. During the summer, she goes to Worden Pond Family Campground in Wakefield, RI a lot. She enjoys the country feeling of the

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